Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Tune-In Alert, Isaacs Featured On Sirius XM Radio

Nashville, TN (December 2, 2013) Coming up on the next Daniel Britt & Friends, broadcast the week of 12/02/13: Family traditions at Christmas are priceless -- we all seem to have at least a few, even if our customs are anything but traditional.
Daniel sits down at lunch with The Isaacs to get a peek into their favorite Christmas memories, traditions, music, & messages when the family gathers together off the road. Learn just
how they honor their Jewish heritage while celebrating the birth of Christ, and hear some of the pure Isaacs treatment of Christmas.
Daniel Britt & Friends is a one-hour Gospel music radio show, available each week to nearly 40 million satellite subscribers* throughout the U.S. and Canada on SIRIUS XM SATELLiTE RADiO's enLighten (Sirius XM Channel 65) - Mondays at 7PM ET, Thursdays at
10PM ET, and Saturdays at 12 Noon ET. You can also catch the show online at siriusxm.com, Smartphone devices, or with Dish Network on channel 6065.
After the broadcast, you can download the extended interview from www.danielbritt.com. Connect on Twitter @BrittAndFriends and on Facebook at facebook.com/BrittAndFriends tunes all on the next Daniel Britt & Friends.
You can find out more about the Isaacs at http://www.theisaacs.com or https://www.facebook.com/TheIsaacs .
You can reach the Isaacs at The Harper Agency – 615-851-4500 – info@harperagency.com .


About The Isaacs
The Isaacs, a multi-award winning family group who began singing 30 years ago, are based out of Nashville, TN . The vocalists are
Lily Isaacs, Ben Isaacs, Sonya Isaacs Yeary and Rebecca Isaacs Bowman. Playing their own acoustic instruments and joined by
other band members, The Isaacs have a unique style that blends tight, family harmony with contemporary acoustic instrumentation
that appeals to a variety of audiences. Their musical influences emerge from all genres of music including bluegrass, rhythm and
blues, folk, and country, contemporary acoustic and southern gospel. They perform frequently at the Grand Ole Opry, are active
members on the Gaither Homecoming Videos and Concert Series and travel throughout the year performing internationally.
Concert venues include civic centers, auditoriums, arenas, fair grounds, parks, churches and other locations. They have performed
the National Anthem for many sporting events, including a Cincinnati Bengal's football game, several Nashville Predators Hockey
games, an Astros/ Braves pre-season baseball game as well as various political gatherings. They also received a standing ovation
for their patriotic performance at Carnegie Hall.

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