Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Chrisagis Brothers Nominated for AMG Award for a Second Time

YORKVILLE, Ohio, Aug. 1, 2014 /Christian Newswire/ -- The Dynamic Duo of Christian Contemporary Music and twin brothers who have become internationally known as staples of integrity have just been re-nominated for a second time by the Artists Music Guild as Duo of the Year. Brian & Shawn Chrisagis better known as the Chrisagis Brothers just got home from a major tour of the south going to North and South Carolina, and they also sang in several places in Georgia.

This has been a non-stop year of excitement with their music ministry, traveling, filming and keeping a busy schedule with their many projects. The brothers were delighted to be nominated for a Heritage Award for best duo again. The awards will be held in November and the Brothers will be there with the cameras and their support team. For the last thirty years these twins have been traveling the world and giving HOPE and JOY to the world.

The Chrisagis Brothers are currently involved in filming several projects and working on a Christmas TV special along with a Christmas Concert. They will also be headed to Indiana for a tour and are doing a few women's conferences and some worship nights for churches. You may wonder why the Chrisagis Brothers are doing so many women's events. Well women are their biggest support team and women keep booking them to come and share about their amazing mother and her testimony along with their powerful music that deals with spiritual warfare, salvation, the blood of Jesus, and the boundless love of God for ALL people. They bring a truly refreshing approach to being a Christian and make people see and know that TRUE JOY is in surviving the Lord.

The Brothers music is different from a lot of the mainstream Christian music these days. They refuse to ever remove the Blood of Jesus out of their messages and they won't do a concert without an altar call which is rare these days. If you would like to book the Chrisagis Brothers or their ministry team to come minister at your church, TV network, or outdoor event please contact Lynda Sullivan at 1-304-650-0425.

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