Friday, August 22, 2014

Share the Gospel, Without Killing Your Relationships

Missional experts offer 101 surprising ways to tell not-yet believers about Christ.

CHICAGO, Aug. 21, 2014 /Christian Newswire/ -- In teaching people how to reach their communities for Christ, pastors and missional living experts Ben Connelly and Bob Roberts Jr. have gone to the dogs ... literally.

Check out No. 37 in their new book, A Field Guide for Everyday Mission: 30 Days and 101 Ways to Demonstrate the Gospel (Moody Publishers): "Walk your dog when your neighbors are outside. Strike up conversations. Invite them over. No dog? Here's your chance to guilt trip your spouse into getting one," the authors wryly advise.

Other unconventional ways to tell others about Him who don't yet believe? Tip well, even if the server does a horrible job (No. 48). Throw a Super Bowl party; cultural events can be used for mission (No. 61). Build short fences; tall fences can distance and privatize you (No. 20).

When it comes to getting the message across, these Texas pastors aren't afraid to tip over a few sacred cows. Take No. 49 on their list: Sit at the bar; leave your table or booth, pray that God opens a door and introduce yourself (No. 49).

"There are hundreds of places God sends us on everyday mission. Many are out of our comfort zone, in the proverbial darkness, and on someone else's turf. But whoever they are and whatever their turf is, that's where we go and make disciples," the authors explain.

Designed for individuals, churches, small groups and missional communities ready to take risks and try new ways to fulfill Jesus' Great Commission, A Field Guide for Everyday Mission ( is a unique, often entertaining read for everyday Christians trying to live out God's mission wherever He has placed them.

Each day's reading includes an immediately practicable biblical principle and ends with a few ways to live it out. By the end of day 30, you'll have 101 unique ideas you can use to demonstrate the Gospel naturally in your daily life.

The authors conclude: "Some Christians are given the gift of evangelism, but all Christians are given the mission of making disciples. We're hoping to help those who are more scared than gifted see that by the power of God, living on mission isn't as hard as we often think."

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