Monday, October 20, 2014

McCray Dove and the Dove Brothers Band Announcement

McCray Dove & The Dove Brothers Band
 McCray Dove and the Dove Brothers Band sadly announce the departure of bass vocalist David Cable. David has a great financial opportunity that will be better for him and his family that won’t allow him to travel with the Band’s schedule. David has been with the Dove Brothers Band for almost four years beginning as the bus driver for a year then the bass guitarist for a year and singing bass for almost two years. 
 McCray states that “Poppa Dave has been a real joy to have in the band and is one of the finest bass singers you could have in a quartet! I hate to see him go! We will miss him and wish him and his family the best. I tell folks all the time that change is something that every artist/group faces in the music industry and you can either do two things. You can go with it or quit. This year I’m celebrating 27 years traveling and singing professionally. I've come too far to quit now!” McCray also states that there is no replacement at this time. The band will play on!

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