Thursday, October 2, 2014

My Favorite Experience EVER by Scott Fowler

A few weeks ago I mentioned that while in Israel, my pastor and I got to do something that none of the other 700 people in our tour group got to do. It's time for me to finally let you in on this awesome experience.
As I said earlier, I had one place I really wanted to see while in the Holy Land, but we were not allowed to go. After our tour official tour was done, we had the afternoon free before our flights back home. Rick (my pastor) and I were walking around in the Old City of Jerusalem. We had walked around the Jewish Quarters, the Christian Quarters, the Armenian Quarters and were now in the Muslim Quarters. We found everyone inside the city to be so warm and friendly. Some Muslim merchants were even coming out of their shops thanking us for not canceling our trip due to the recent conflict. As we continued walking down the alleyways just taking in all the wonderful sights, a 13 year-old Muslim boy stopped us and said, "I'm sorry, but only Muslims are allowed past this point." I replied, "thanks for telling us" and he kindly asked us where we wanted to go? I told him we wanted to go back to the wailing (western) wall one more time. He said, "Follow me....I will take you." So we followed this nice young man and he took us right to the wall. Along the way he pointed out all the points of interest and was a very good tour guide. I commented to him that he should consider being a guide and he proudly informed me that he "was a tour guide when he was younger.....age 7." We smiled and soon he had delivered us to the Western Wall as promised. We gave him a "tip" and he asked us if there was something else we wanted to see before we left. Rick told him what we REALLY wanted to see was the Temple Mount.

Young, Mohamed asked me what time it was. I told him 1:25 to which he replied, "You must hurry." He went on to say they would allow a few people in at 1:30. So he showed us where to go and we quickly went and got in line. Just as he said, they let a few people "in" and Rick and I were two of "the few."

I won't do in-depth education now as to the significance of the Temple mount (that will be another post but most of you already likely know). What's important to know now is that the Temple Mount is under Arab control and Jewish people are forbidden to go t
The 24 year old Muslim man who gave us our tour
The 24 year old Muslim man who gave us our tour.
here. A sign at the entrance declared such. Now I understood why it was not a part of our "tour" itinerary as many tour guides on our trip were Jewish.
So we pass thru the security check-point and entered the Temple Mount which houses the Dome of the Rock....the 3rd holiest site in Islam. We were immediately met by a 24 year old Muslim young man. He said there were certain places we could not go unless accompanied by a Muslim. He offered us a 45-minute "tour" in exchange for a tip to him... the amount of which was up to us. We readily agreed an embarked on a FASCINATING tour of the Temple Mount.

He indeed took us to some "behind the scenes" places where we saw NO ONE ELSE. It was definitely one of the highlights of my trip. Although we were not allowed to go inside the Al Aqsa Mosque or the Dome of the Rock, he did allow to us take pictures as long as we did not speak to anyone.
Inside the Al Aqsa Mosque

It was amazing to be standing there on Mt. Moriah, where Abraham took Isaac to offer him as a sacrifice in obedience to God. The site of the first and second Temple...where they housed the Ark of the Covenant, and where Christians believe the third and final Temple will be built.

It was very interesting to hear this young man's perspective on this holy site as it relates to Islam as well as his perspective with regard to the claims of this site by Jews and Christians alike. It was very evident to see how this single solitary spot will likely be the catalyst that will one day make and change world history.

Rick and I felt humbled and grateful that God had given us favor and allowed us to visit up close, this very significant place on Earth. Additionally, we now know "how" to take folks there next October when we return with some of you.

I want to implore you in the strongest way possible to begin saving some money and plan to go with Legacy Five and my pastor Rick White to Israel next October. The Holy Land is one place every single believer needs to experience. It's life-changing. To find out more information about how you can go with us next year, click here.

Next post I will answer the most frequently asked question: Is it safe to travel to Israel?

Until Next Time,
Scott Fowler

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