Thursday, August 19, 2010

Special Word from Libbi Perry Stuffle

Dear Friends,

Words cannot begin to express our gratitude and appreciation for all of the kindness, well wishes, and prayers for my husband, Tracy Stuffle, and our family. As most of you know, Tracy suffered a heart attack last week while at home. It was then determined that he would need open heart surgery and five bypasses. The doctors were able to perform the surgery on Friday, August 13, without any issues, and Tracy is currently resting comfortably. We are expecting him to be released from the hospital on Tuesday, August 17, to begin his recovery at home.

Our family has been overwhelmed at the love and support from thousands across this land. "Thank you" seems so inadequate, but please know that it is from the heart. God has truly given my husband a second chance, for which we are so grateful. We know that we have a long road ahead of us for Tracy's recovery, but God is faithful.

Many people have asked, "What can we do?" Tracy and I ask two things of our many friends across the country. First and foremost, we humbly ask for your prayers as we begin the next phase of Tracy's rehabilitation and full recovery. Secondly, it would mean so much to Tracy and I that you support the group as they continue to travel in our absence. Tracy will not be on stage for several weeks, and I believe my place should be by his side as his wife, confidante, and primary caregiver. I do plan to go with the group when possible, but my priority will be Tracy's care. Katy Peach, Troy's wife, will be filling my position when I am not able to go with the group. (If you have ever heard her, you know she is an incredible singer!) Please know that the Perrys will be fulfilling all of our dates in the coming weeks. Your support will give us this much-needed time for Tracy to fully recover, and make the necessary adjustments in our lifestyle following this surgery.

Thank you again for your love and support. With Tracy's full health, we believe the future is brighter than ever for the Perrys.

Libbi Perry Stuffle

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