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Ball Brothers Southern Gospel Radio Rewind 2007

By  Sandi Duncan-Clark

One of Southern Gospel’s most exciting events during the summer of 2006 was Ernie
Haase and Signature Sound’s Summer Spectacular. This event played to a packed house
wherever they were booked. Earlier in the year Ernie had asked a talented trio, The Ball
Brothers to be a part of that summer tour. As the old saying goes, “the rest is history!”

Daniel, Stephen, Andrew and Joshua Ball are “PKs.” To those of you who are not
familiar with that phrase, the Ball brothers are preacher’s kids, thus, “PKs.” The Ball
family has always been a musical family, and Kimberly and Richard Ball raised their four
sons and three daughters to sing in their local church. Their three younger daughters still
sing in the church where their Father is pastor and their Mother plays piano.

In January The Ball Brothers began singing full-time. They sing almost every weekend in
churches throughout the country and on various concert dates. Since January, those dates
have steadily grown and currently The Ball Brothers work more than one hundred dates
per year.

The men have also enjoyed tremendous success with their first CD, titled THE BALL
BROTHERS and produced by Brian Hudson and award winning producer Wayne Haun.
Daniel stated that the trio’s goal was to incorporate 1940’s influence into some of their
arrangements, which was something that hasn’t been done before.

Their first single shipped to Gospel radio, “I’m Already Living Forever” was a
tremendous success and is well received when they performed this in concert. A new
single, “Mercy Said No” shipped to radio this month, January, 2007. One of my favorite
songs on the recording is “Peace of God,” which has a big band arrangement.

Daniel Ball told us, “We have been so blessed to work with some of the best people
in Southern Gospel music, and we are very happy with where God is leading us.
It’s a dream come true to be able to sing Gospel music and enjoy it so much.” He
continued, “Being able to reach so many people with Gospel music is an extension of
how we grew up, working in the church where our Dad served.”

“Our parents have always been our biggest supporters,” Daniel stated. “We have been
blessed to be raised in a Christian family. Growing up in church, we never felt that we
were sheltered. We want to let young people know that you don’t have to spend time out
in the world to enjoy life.”

Richard and Kimberly Ball help out with the office work for their sons. “Dad has a
musical background, and is a big help for us,” Daniel said. “Our parents had all the
Cathedral’s and Gold City records and we grew up with that influence. We enjoy singing
with different groups, and each one has been a great help to us. All the artists have
offered help in crafting our music, and that’s a real blessing. Working with Signature
Sound taught us a lot and we were honored to be part of their summer tour.”

The Ball Brothers just finished a new acapella project produced by Marshall Hall,
baritone with the Gaither Vocal Band. This will be available in January. The trio has also
been asked to appear on the new Gaither videos being recorded in February.

Daniel was happy to introduce us to each of the brothers and their families. He and his
wife, Tasha, have two little boys, Logan, age 4, and Carter who was born on October 23rd.

Andrew is married to Moriah and they are parents to 3 year old Natalie and Nathan who
was born August 22nd. Stephen is married to Emily, and Joshua is single. Joshua is the
group’s sound man and occasionally joins the others on stage for a song.

“We are very blessed to have the most supportive families in the world,” Daniel
shared. “Without their prayer and support we could not do this.”

Be sure to watch for The Ball Brothers in your area in concert. You will enjoy their music
and be blessed by their ministry.

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