Thursday, November 17, 2011

GOD TV Airs Weekend to Abolish Trafficking

MEDIA ADVISORY, Nov. 17, 2011  GOD TV will focus on the growing international crisis concerning Human Trafficking this weekend (November 18 through 20) with three days of themed programming exposing this modern day slavery.

Presented in conjunction with ministries such as A21; Love146; and Stop the Traffik, GOD TV's Weekend to Abolish Human Trafficking includes three eye-opening films: 'The King's Man,' 'Stella's Voice' and 'Rescue the Girl' which focus on the plight of victims of trafficking, but giving hope for a solution. Various conferences will also be aired that highlight the need for believers to stand against such injustice.

The King's Man ( is an epic action film that captures a compelling story of fear, hope and faith. Providing a glimpse of what it must be like to be kidnapped, it takes the viewer into the murky underworld of some of the most vicious and immoral characters, but despite its potentially tragic outcome, it reveals the most vital aspect of any victim's struggle with the horror of Human Trafficking - the power of faith and prayer.

Stella's Voice ( is a documentary that aims to be a voice that speaks for the orphans of Moldova, from the smallest child to every teen. This quote from the film's website captures the plight of so many young girls caught up in sexual exploitation: "Used by evil men. Dead at nineteen. I am Stella's Voice. I am the voice of orphans. I am their cry for protection from sex traffickers. Will you be Stella's Voice too?"

Conference speakers featured during the Human Trafficking Weekend include: Sharon Ngai who speaks on Exposing Human Trafficking at the Deborah Company Women's Conference and Rob Morris who focuses on Child Exploitation and Sex Trafficking at the Awakening Conference. Other speakers include Danielle Strickland; Christine Caine and Patricia King plus David Uth and Bishop Allen TD Wiggins who speak about Changing Lives through the Love of Jesus Christ.

According to the US State Department's 2011 Report on 'the Trafficking in Persons,' more human beings are being exploited than ever before, with as many as 27 million people affected by commercial sexual exploitation and forced labor. The Report also identifies Human Trafficking as one of the world's largest criminal enterprises generating an estimated $9.5 billion in annual revenue.

"The illegal trade of human beings is a diabolical crime that affects every nation," said GOD TV Co-founder and Director of Television, Wendy Alec, "but there is so much we can do to help stop it. As a Christian broadcaster I believe it is imperative to illuminate this issue to our viewers, as God is calling so many people into the mission field of putting an end to Human Trafficking. He is calling us to rise up like Abraham Lincoln and William Wilberforce did in their day, and help eradicate modern-day slavery."

GOD TV's Weekend to Abolish Human Trafficking will air on the GOD Channel worldwide from November 18 through 20 and will be available for video on demand viewing on GOD TV's website. The full schedule of the broadcasts can be found at The GOD Channel can be viewed across the USA on channel 365 of DIRECTV, on cable stations in some cities and via the Internet.

About GOD TV: GOD TV was founded in the UK in 1995 by Christian media pioneers Rory & Wendy Alec and in just 16 years has become a global phenomenon. Today the network beams a broad cross section of cutting-edge programs, including many life-changing LIVE broadcasts, into millions of homes worldwide. The only Christian broadcaster to transmit globally from Jerusalem, GOD TV's powerful signal is carried via multiple satellites providing free viewing to half a billion people 24-hours-a-day. In the USA, GOD TV can be viewed on DIRECTV channel 365 as well as on select cable channels. It can also be viewed online at The network has several offices in the USA. Other offices are situated in Europe, Africa, Asia and Australasia. In addition to its vast media outreach, GOD TV also helps people in charitable ways by supporting feeding schemes, orphanages, water drilling projects and disaster relief funds.

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