Saturday, November 5, 2011

New Book - 'In the Shelter of His Wings -- The True Story of a WWII Bomber Pilot Downed in Enemy Territory'

HAGERSTOWN, Md. During WWII, Lieutenant Leslie Monroe Sellers, now 92 years old, was copilot of a B-24 Bomber that was downed by enemy fire on September 11, 1944, over German occupied Holland. This is the true story of his plight while being hidden by the Underground.

"The plane's going down -- we have to bail out now!" This anguished cry demanded our immediate response. But what would happen if we bailed out? Would we be shot as we parachuted to the ground, or would we survive to live out our lives in prison camp? We were over German occupied territory. The date - September 11, 1944, and I was co-pilot of a B-24 Bomber that was on a mission to destroy a fuel plant in Magdeburg, Germany. Enemy fire had taken out our #3 engine, and the tail of our airplane had been ripped off by a collision with another plane. We had no choice but to jump!

These events happened to me, Leslie Monroe Sellers, during WWII. I was a Lieutenant in the U.S. Army Air Force. I am now 92 years old, and this book reveals my experience of being hidden by the underground in Holland for 214 days. Only my mother's prayers and the goodness and protection of God brought me through the many close scrapes I had with the Germans. Thanks to the Dutch Underground I was hidden in some very strange places, including under a manure pile!

My experiences in Holland taught me much, changing the way I look at life and death. I have included a 'Life Lesson' at the beginning of each chapter of the book.

Available from McDougal Publishers at or from the author at and coming soon at and Barnes & Noble

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