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Brittni Ward Southern Gospel Radio Rewind 2008

                                         MEET BRITTNI WARD
                                                  By Sandi Clark
It’s always exciting to find young people who love the Lord and are willing to dedicate
their life and talent to serve Him. Brittni Ward has been singing most of her nineteen
years and is one of the most talented young ladies I’ve heard in a while.

This very mature teen makes her home just outside of Hattisburg, Mississippi and is
excited about what God is doing in her music ministry. Brittni recorded her first CD with
Randy Shellnut producing when she was only eleven years old. She has continued to
grow vocally and in early 2007 released her fourth recording titled “Perfect Day.”

“I have learned so much every time I’ve been in the studio. I know that being older
helped me understand more of the technical stuff and I feel more comfortable each time
I record,” Brittni said. “I’ve worked with Roger Talley before and I was excited to have
him produce this new album.”

Since 2000 Brittni has attended both the Stamps-Baxter School of Music and the Steve
Hurst School of Music. “Both schools have helped me tremendously.” she reports. “I
recommend them to any aspiring artist One can grow vocally and spiritually by being
coached by Christian professionals.”

It was through her training at the Stamps-Baxter school that Brittni came to the attention
of Jeff and Sheri Easter. “When I was thirteen years old I was honored to fill-in for Sheri
Easter when her doctor put her on vocal rest,” Brittni explained. “I was at the school
when Jeff called. That was one of the best learning experiences I’ve ever had and a huge
boost in self confidence in my stage presence. I’m thrilled to call the Easters my friends
and to have had that opportunity.”

Brittni and her mom, Tina, travel every weekend. “My grandmother does our booking
and we average about fifteen dates each month,” Brittni stated. “Sometimes my
grandparents go with us, but Mom and I usually travel alone and we always have a lot
of fun. I guess it’s kind of unusual to have two women come into a church to set up
sound equipment,” Brittni laughed. “Traveling with Mom lets me also pursue one of my
favorite hobbies; SHOPPING!”

Many of the weekend dates Brittni books are church dates. “We like to have more that
one concert in the area where we’re going,” Brittni explains. “The church will promote
our concert and often help us build a weekend around the area.”

Brittni chooses all her songs both for live performances and for recording. “Thankfully
Roger Talley trusts my judgment and my choice of songs,” Brittni said. “If a song speaks
to me then I know it will touch others. All the songs on “Perfect Day” speak of faith and
trust in God and that’s something I’ve relied on in my life. My faith and trust in God is
the basis of my music.”

That faith and trust has meant much to Brittni and her Mom in the past six months. “We
had a car accident and totaled our car,” Brittni shared. “We finally got a new one and the
fuel pump went out on it. My grandparents came to help us finish out the weekend. There
was a fire at the hotel where we stayed and I was honestly asking God if this was His way
of telling me that I should find something else to do.”

“I prayed that He would give me some encouragement and direction,” Brittni
continued. “We had a service in Opp, Alabama and there were a number of older
people but very few young people. One grandmother had brought her thirteen year
old granddaughter and at the end of the service she gave her heart to Christ.” Brittni
finished, “That was enough for me to know that God was still using my ministry.”

We spoke of the upcoming holiday season and Brittni shared her plans. “I’m very lucky
to have an extended family,” she said. “We live with my grandparents and Mom, Poppi
and I enjoy celebrating together. I also celebrate with my other grandparents and my Dad,
then I have adopted grandparents in Millington, Tennessee where we also celebrate. I’m
very blessed!”

Brittni shared her fondest memory of Christmas with us. “I was about five or six
years old, and my grandparents had come to spend Christmas with us in Germantown,
Tennessee where Mom and I had just moved,” she recalled. “We had bought a tree but
had not searched out the ornaments after the move.”

“Mom and Mimi had gone to run errands a day or two before Christmas and Poppi and
I were left to our own devices, which probably isn’t the wisest thing,” Brittni continued
with at laugh. “Poppi and I have always had a knack for getting into trouble. I decided
that we would decorate the little tree and the only thing I had were my hair bows. Poppi
and I set to work and by the time Mom and Mimi retuned we had a beautiful tree. It
stated beautiful until my cat decided it was the “enemy” and killed it!”

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