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Retro SGM Radio: Frontline Christmas Gift - December 2007

“As she lays her head down this Christmas night, she prays her Daddy will be all right. He’s in a land where there’s no Christmas, only violence and fear…wish he was here”…so begins the poignant song by Shelly Bush, entitled “Frontline Christmas Gift”. “Daddy” is on the frontlines, and both he and his family wishes he was home. Shelly’s sweet, expressive vocals let the emotion of the song touch the heart, but the message is also unmistakable. It’s the struggle all those serving their country face; that of leaving everything they hold dear at home, to go overseas and fight to preserve that home.

Shelly Bush, a Missouri native, went from a college degree in Criminal Justice to a singing career in Nashville, Tennessee. Shelly is a member of the Country Music Association and was recently signed by the United States Entertainment Force. The USEF is an organization dedicated to serving the soldiers returning home from the front, the wounded in hospital, the veterans who have served, and the children who have been left behind. This organization not only handles Shelly’s management, but also works toward a goal that is close to Shelly’s heart.

“I have not had a chance to make it overseas as of yet”, said Shelly recently in an interview with SGM Radio. “My mission right now is to rally those here in the United States because we are at war here at home more so then overseas. We are living in a country that is being divided by our own people, and I feel my mission must start here in the States first.”

Shelly continues, “I know a lot of people who are currently serving in a combat zone overseas, and I poor out my heart to them for giving so much for the name of freedom. II look forward to the day I can go there to perform for them. If they can't come to one of my shows back home here in States because they are serving overseas, then I will go to them and perform. Right now they feel I need to be at home working on bringing our county back together that is being divided by our own people.”

“Frontline Christmas Wish” is a song that reminds all of us what the troops leave behind as they go to serve their country. Shelly says, “I recorded this song because I wanted to remind not only my fans, but anyone who listens to "Frontline Christmas Wish" that we must not forget about our troops. They are giving so much for the name of freedom, yet we are here at home being divided by those who have forgotten what "We The People" really means. Here we have thousands of families who has a loved one somewhere overseas, be it a combat zone, or a country where there is no threat of war. We all wish for them to be home for Christmas, but we also have to be reminded that without the support of our military, any country can take advantage of us if we did not have our troops serving somewhere in the world.”

Shelly has a message for those voicing the anti-war sentiments in Hollywood. “I invite them all to come join the United States Entertainment Force and the cause to help in supporting our men and women serving to protect our freedom to live. The United States Entertainment Force is a coalition of the worlds top managers, artist, agents, record labels, publicist, celebrities, radio personalities, television, news paper, magazines, industry executives and many more. These are people who have come together as one under the United States Entertainment Force name.”

“We are here to serve the men and women by helping them find jobs right away upon returning home from over seas. We are here to provide support to the men and women who lie somewhere in a wounded warrior hospital by bringing their families to them. We are here to serve the men and women who have given some much in the name of freedom. Most importantly, the children that are being left behind by those who are serving so they can live to grow up knowing they have a safe home to live in. Stop your complaining and start donating! If you are not apart of the United States Entertainment Force as of yet, you need to join right away! You can join by logging onto .”

This strong-willed lady also has a message for those on the frontlines. “"Thank you so much for serving this great country we live in! Without you to protect us, who would there be? I miss every last one of you, and please come home safe!"

Joseph Bourgeois, A&R Promotions Director of the USEF, explains the mission of the organization. “Our men and woman who are giving so much to preserve our freedom to live by leaving an arm and/or leg in a combat zone need all the support we can give back. One of our missions is to help by putting smiles on their faces by making it possible to bring their families to them no matter where they may lie in a hospital bed. While we are walking around spending time with our families for the holidays, a lot of our soldiers are sitting in a hospital somewhere all alone. The USEF is dedicated to making it possible by to bring families and loved ones to our wounded soldiers where they are having to spend months in a hospital somewhere far from home.”

Shelly Bush what her plans were for the Christmas holidays. “I am going to be spending time with my family during the holidays, because this coming year I plan to spend a lot of my time helping to raise money for our troops.”

The USEF is an organization led by a gentleman of faith who gives God the glory for all their endeavors. Jerry Payne has been quoted as saying, “I may be the president and founder of the USEF, but our Lord Jesus Christ is the CEO of the United States Entertainment Force!!!” Shelly Bush echoes this sentiment as well.

“God gave me a talent, and I plan to use this talent He gave me to help all those in need. The United States Entertainment Force is making this possible for me to do. I come to you today because not only do our troops need support, but also our children of this country who are being left behind need our help as well. Please log onto and make a donation for this cause. All the money donated, that's 100% of the monies raised, goes toward the four missions stated in the website.”

If you haven’t heard this single, please call your country or gospel station to request “Frontline Christmas Wish” by Shelly Bush. Find out more about Shelly at .

December 2007 Special SGM Feature By Lorraine Walker
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