Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Hexify Launches Lightside Games to Focus on Christian Entertainment

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif.  Hexify, the developers of the first Biblically-based Facebook game, Journey of Moses, is launching Lightside Games to focus on creating games specifically for the Christian audience.

"Lightside Games' core mission is to create high-quality, engaging Christian social games by leveraging the world's biggest technology platforms to reach gameplayers all over the globe," said Brent Dusing, Chairman and CEO of Hexify and Lightside Studio Head. "Authenticity is core to what we do at Lightside. Stories and themes from the Holy Bible are the foundation of our games. We strive remain true to God's message."

Lightside, a wholly owned studio of Hexify, will continue to produce high quality Facebook games that incorporate fun gameplay, quality graphics, great music and the newest Facebook social features. Plans include games that focus on both New and Old Testament stories and themes. Lightside Games will be free to play while players can purchase goods along the way to help enhance their experience.

"There are all types of games online -- games about monsters, zombies, mafias and farms. At Lightside, we make games about the Bible," said Dusing. "We transform the Biblical stories that many of us hold dear into fun, entertaining and uplifting games."

Hexify, the parent company of Lightside, launched Journey of Moses, to meet a void in the market for a biblically based game in August 2011. Players experience the many twists and turns as they explore milestones in the life of Moses -- from growing up in the king's house as an Egyptian to his exile in the wilderness. Then, after an encounter at the burning bush, Moses' life is changed and he eventually leads the Israelites out of Pharaoh's rule.

For more information about Lightside Games, visit www.hexify.com.

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