Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Building the Case for Transforming Ministry Through Coaching

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich., Dec. 6, 2011  The Empowerment Coaching Network announces the paperback and ebook release of "Coaching Based Ministry" (Credo House Publishers) authored by co-founders Mike McGervey and Tim Cosby. Both versions are available through Amazon.com.

This book grew out of the authors' belief that coaching is the single most effective process for guiding spiritual transformation, personal growth, and leader development. It is based on their conviction that as churches and faith-based organizations discover the power and possibilities of coaching, there will be a growing effort to rebuild ministries and develop leaders using the Coaching-Based Ministry Model.

Traditional models of discipleship, mentoring, counseling, and teaching depend on the ability of experts to impart their knowledge, experience, and advice to others. What the authors have discovered is that receiving information and advice alone does not lead to transformation and growth. This happens only when a person becomes internally motivated to change. Coaching empowers people to change without telling them what to do. Becoming empowered means to take ownership of and responsibility for pursuing your own future. It is based on the principle that the people you coach will understand, value, and apply what you help them to discover, not what you tell them.

What people are saying:

"Most churches and church leaders are quite comfortable being 'tellers' as we work with groups and volunteers. But this material has the potential of truly transforming the individual through internal creative change." -- Dr. Brad Kalajainen, Lead Pastor, Cornerstone Church, Caledonia. MI.

"The Christ-centered explanations will help ministry leaders use a coaching lens to see how Jesus engaged in conversations and empowered people. A great resource for anyone working to facilitate growth and change in the lives of others." -- David R. Beach, co-author, "The Essential Bible Companion to the Psalms."

"This book provides a blueprint that will revolutionize your ministry. Create a culture of coaching with the empowering principles of 'Coaching Based Ministry.' You and those you minister to will never be the same." -- Dr. Mark Vander Meer, Executive Director, Community Recovery International

Both authors are professional coaches, and they are currently offering a 2-day Empowerment Coaching Training program that actually equips people to coach. To learn more about the "Coach Approach" and "Coaching-Based Ministry," visit www.coachingbasedministry.com.

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