Thursday, June 13, 2013

Janene Dubbeld Participates In Gaither's Hometown Songwriting Intensive

Alexandria, IN (June 12, 2013) Accomplished songwriter, Janene Dubbeld, has a list of hits to her name including songs like “Inside The Gate”, “Nothing But Praise” and “I Didn't Buy It”.
Janene Dubbeld is a Songwriter and Mansion Recording Artist of The Mark Dubbeld Family who was blessed to spend the weekend at the Hometown Songwriting Intensive provided to Artist and Songwriters who are honing their craft.
Janene stated “It was a great time of learning and fellowship with other writers from across America.” As she continued she said "The time was informative and very inspiring. Working with songwriters from across different genres really helps you broaden the dimensionality of your writing ideas."
Mark Dubbeld echoed "The opportunity to attend the times of worship and concerts by Nicole Nordeman, Andrew Peterson, Buddy Greene, Dony and Reba McGuire and Bill & Gloria Gaither was awesome and a time of great blessing."
Hometown Songwriting Intensive is for those who are truly serious about the craft of songwriting, this year’s four-day Songwriting Intensive was held June 6-9, 2013. It was a great way to take your music and lyrics to the next level. The weekend is hosted by Gloria Gaither and focused on instruction from successful and experienced songwriters, and offered the priceless opportunity for critiquing and interacting with other songwriters.
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About The Mark Dubbeld Family
The Mark Dubbeld Family consists of Vincent 21 yrs, Leighton 19 yrs, Elena 15 yrs, Channing 11 yrs and Britton 8 yrs old. Each of them play an active role in the ministry -- Singing, playing the drums, bass and acoustic guitar.

Janene, loves to write for Jesus. Songs, devotionals, stories . . . you name it she loves to write it. She is also a gifted speaker. Her message focuses on healing hearts through compassionate speaking, restoring joy with her songs of faith, and exhorting Christians to live passionately for God. Of course, that's only a part time "job" -- she's a full time wife and mother.

Mark SINGS and loves it. He has been a gospel singer since the age of 15. Mark has been singing full time for more than 25 years in Churches, Crusades Conferences and even a recent ESPN National Classic Pro Fishing Tournament. Singing as a soloist, with his family, in gospel quartets, choirs, and working in worship and music. He loves his Lord, and loves his family.

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