Thursday, September 19, 2013

Godsey and Associates Produce NQC Award Winning Video

Nashville, TN (September 16, 2013) Nashville's Godsey and Associates produced the Award winning video “I Want To Be That Man”. Performed by Brian Free and Assurance, the moving video about a young man's memories of his late father and how he was able to hold on to them captures the heart of every person who watches it.
Scott Godsey, producer of the video said “When a song has the heart gripping message of 'I want To Be That Man' the production just seems to come to life as you are working it.”
The prestigious awards of the National Quartet Convention held on Thursday, September 15th, garner the respect of the entire Gospel Music Industry. Godsey continued “It is such an honor to produce these videos to help tell the stories that the singers and songwriters create with their music. To be honored with an award for this work by others in the industry makes it even more special”.
Godsey and Associates also won the Pacesetter award earlier this year at the Absolutely Gospel Music Awards as well as “I Want To Be That Man” by Brian Free and Assurance winning the Progressive Song Of The Year.
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About Godsey and Associates
In the last quarter of 2011, Scott Godsey started a team making music videos for Christian artists. That soon developed into not only working inside the Christian music business, but going outside of the Christian music world. Soon after, the company expanded into other genres. G&A started working with churches, authors, and organizations. The Godsey & Associate formula works with any company that wants to focus on brand building and getting in front of an audience.

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