Monday, June 27, 2011

Gerald Wolfe Prayer Request

From Greater Vision's Email Newsletter:

If it comes to your mind, please remember to pray for us. After our Sunday Morning Worship Service, the bus will roll toward Tennessee, and I will fly from Dallas to Atlanta to prepare for my surgery on Monday. Right now, I'm scheduled to go "under the knife" at 11am (Eastern), so your prayers around that time would be very much appreciated. Pray for my Doctor, Dave Edwards, and the other staff that will be involved. I expect everything to go well. I'm certain the actual surgery won't be as un-nerving as the pre-surgery steroids I've been taking this week! LOL If you're interested, you can get up-to-the-minute updates via text message, by "following" Greater Vision on Twitter. If you missed last week's Update, and would like more information about my surgery, you can check out my personal "blog" by clicking here. Thanks for all the very kind emails and concern. All is well!

As always, Rodney, Chris, and Chad join me in thanking you for your prayers and your friendship. You are very important to us!

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