Thursday, June 9, 2011

Singing News Fan Awards Showcase and Straw Poll

NQC Singing News Fan Awards Showcase and Straw Poll to Allow Participation through Facebook

The first ever Singing News Fan Awards Showcase will take place on Saturday afternoon, September 17th. As part of the showcase, the winners of the Fan Awards straw poll (an informal survey conducted among NQC attendees in anticipation of the actual Fan Awards presentation later in the month) conducted throughout NQC week will be announced. In addition to NQC attendees, our Facebook friends will also be able to determine the winners. At the start of NQC week, a link will be published to our Facebook friends that will allow them to vote in the categories that will be tracked by the straw poll. These votes will be tabulated along with the votes collected by NQC attendees with the winners announced during the Fan Awards Showcase.
If you are not an NQC Facebook friend, just go to and select the “Like” button. Please direct anyone you know that might be interested in participating to this link as well. The categories and nominees for the straw poll are as follows:
Favorite Artist
Booth Brothers
Greater Vision
Kingdom Heirs
Triumphant Qt

Favorite Male Singer
Booth, Ronnie- Booth Brothers
Free,Brian- Brian Free & Assurance
Habedank, Joseph- Perrys
Parker, Ivan- Soloist
Rice, Arthur- Kingdom Heirs

Favorite Female Singer
Easter, Sheri- Jeff & Sheri Easter
Gooch, Karen Peck- Karen Peck & New River
Greene, TaRanda- Greenes
Hopper, Kim- Hoppers
Stuffle, Libbi- Perrys

Musician of the Year
Collingsworth, Kim- Collingsworth Family
Fortner, Roger- McKameys
Mote, Gordon
Parton, Tim- Legacy Five
Stice, Jeff- Triumphant Qt

Songwriter of the Year
Bishop, Mark
Brady, Jim
Griffin, Rodney
Habedank, Joseph
Inman, Scott

Album of the Year
Blue Skies Coming- Perrys
Declaration- Booth Brothers
Love Came Calling- Triumphant Qt
Jubilee 2- Booth Brothers, Greater Vision, Legacy Five
Tribute to Cathedral Quartet- Ernie Haase & Signature Sound

Song of the Year
Celebrate Me Home- Perrys
Faithful One- Booth Brothers
I Thirst- Ernie Haase & Signature Sound
Just Stand- Legacy Five
Love Came Calling- Triumphant Qt
Never Been- Greater Vision
Never Walk Alone- Brian Free & Assurance
Somebody Died For Me- Triumphant Qt
Testimony- Mark Trammell Qt
The Shepherd's Point of View- McKameys

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