Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Karen Peck and New River Head To The Studio

From Karen Peck and New River's email newsletter of January 28, 2013"

We, along with thousands of others, are continuing to pray and believe God for a miracle for our dear friend, Tracy Stuffle. He suffered a stroke a few days ago and is still in the ICU unit in Nashville.
We love The Perry's! Please help us pray for Tracy as well as Libbi and Jared.

I'm so amazed at how God works in our lives. We had an incredible weekend with several lives being changed. Susan, Jeff, and I agree that our hearts are more broken for the hurting people than ever before. You know, I'm finding that when I concentrate on the Lord, everything around me seems to fall into place. I'm sincerely praying that He will continue to teach me to completely trust Him in every area of my life. So many times I try to fix things on my own which usually winds up in a total disaster! How much better life is when I let God do the fixing!!! Lol

As always, we want to thank our precious DJ's for playing our music!!
'Sustaining Grace' features Susan and it is her first radio single in several years! It is my favorite song that she sings.
'God Lives There' is a song from my solo album which has Wes Hampton and Ben Isaacs singing along with me.
We are very excited about having two radio songs out at the same time! We haven't done this in several years.
The DJ's are playing both songs!!
Thanks to all of you for calling your local radio station and requesting both songs!! Lol

Be sure to check out our online store! We have lots of great deals available!

We are very excited about our concert dates this year. We would love to see you!! Bring lots of friends with you and come join us for a wonderful time of worship!

Thanks for your prayers. We love y'all!!:)

Check our schedule for details!
Feb 1 - Pitkin, LA - 7:00pm
Feb 2 - Emory, TX - 6:00pm
Feb 3 - Jasper, TX - 6:00pm
Feb 9 - Palmetto, FL - 7:00pm
Feb 10 - Sanderson, FL - 10:45am

Have a blessed 2013!

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Thanks for all your prayers and support!

Karen Peck and New River

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