Friday, January 18, 2013

Greater Vision: From Sea To Shining Sea...Literally

From Greater Vision's email newsletter of January 16, 2013:

We are STILL rolling back to the Southeast, after a fantastic week in Arizona and California! We're scheduled to arrive in Warner Robins, Georgia just in time for sound-check at 2nd Baptist Church!

A very special "thank you" for all the great comments about last Saturday's LIVE webcast from Highland, California! With only a two-hour notice, more than 7,100 people "logged on" at some point during the concert, and more than 1500 people were able to watch the concert from beginning to end! We have received emails and Facebook & Twitter posts from all across the country, and even as far away as New Zealand. Today's technology is really remarkable, and we're very thankful to the wonderful Media Team at Immanuel Baptist Church in Highland, California for making the webcast possible.

Several people who missed the webcast have written to ask why we couldn't give more than two hours of notice about the webcast. We actually sent the email notice and Facebook & Twitter posts as soon as we had confirmation that the webcast was going to happen. Others have asked why we don't make webcasts available more often. The answer is really simple... not many places have the technology available to provide the kind of quality webcast that was available on Saturday. Also, the internet bandwidth required to allow for large numbers of people to "stream" high quality webcasts is costly. The folks at Immanuel Baptist were very kind to take on the task, provide the staffing and Tech Crew, and cover the expense of the webcast, so you could watch it without having to cover the costs. We're pretty sure the folks in Highland were surprised at the large number of people who "logged on" to watch. It would be great if you would consider dropping them a quick email to thank them for providing the webcast, post a thank you note on their Facebook Page.

The Jubilee Gang Is Headed To Florida!
The Jubilee Gang (Booth Brothers, Greater Vision, & Legacy Five) will be in the Sunshine State for the next two weekends! Click here for complete details, and make sure to spread the word to your friends or family who live in Florida!

Here's our schedule for the next two weeks!
Wednesday - Warner Robins, GA
Thursday - Jacksonville, FL (Jubilee)
Friday - Ocala, FL (Jubilee)
1/19 thru 1/25 - Gospel Music Celebration Cruise
Saturday 1/26 - Orlando, FL
Sunday 1/27 - Titusville, FL

To see our complete Concert Schedule, click HERE.

Want To Go With Us?
Because this year's Gospel Music Celebration Cruise sold out so quickly, reservations are already being taken for next year's trip!

You can start planning NOW to join Greater Vision, The Booth Brothers, Legacy Five, The Collingsworth Family, Triumphant Quartet, and more on a seven-night Caribbean Cruise! You'll enjoy great concerts, great food, great fellowship, and great Ports-of-Call including San Juan, St. Maarten, Grand Turk, Turks & Caicos, and a Private Island in The Bahamas.

Click here for complete information. When you decide to reserve your cabin, be sure to tell them you want to go cruising with Greater Vision. We'll have a great time!

We're welcoming several hundred new friends to our Email Update family this week, so we hope you've enjoyed your first Update. It's a joy to keep in touch with our friends this way. You can also keep up with us through the "instant" technology provided by today's Social Networks.

As we continue to roll toward tonight's event in Warner Robins, Georgia, we want to thank you for praying for our safe travel during these days. We've traveled several thousands of miles on this trip, and we have more than fifteen hundred to go, before we park the bus in East Tennessee for a few days.

Your prayers and your friendship are very much appreciated.

Have a blessed remainder of the week!

Greater Vision

PS To send us an email, use
Greater Vision | P.O. Box 1172 | Morristown | TN | 37816-1172

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