Wednesday, January 16, 2013

New Christian Movie Targets Senior Adults

SPRINGFIELD, Tenn., Jan. 15, 2013 /Christian Newswire/ -- "Flowers for Fannie," a new faith-based film resonates with seniors and encourages young adults to look at the elderly with a fresh perspective. "This is an amazing story about something that few movie producers address, our seniors," says Phyllis Schaddelee.

"Flowers for Fannie" is the story of Fannie (Patricia Binkley), an elderly widow who masks her loneliness with crankiness and Louise (Brittany Wilharm), an equally lonely young woman who befriends Fannie. "This is a unique story about how we treat one another and the importance of love no matter if you are a relative or not," says Dove Foundation.

"When I found out that this was the lead role, I went, really?" says Ms. Binkley, a 72-year-old retired schoolteacher. But filmmakers Fred and Sharon Wilharm knew that she could relate to Fannie.

"In my life I can relate to death of a loved one or being abandoned or whatever, so I can cry when I think of certain things," says Ms. Binkley.

Other senior cast members include seasoned film actors Roger Eldridge, Jean Reinke, and Lynda Evjen, newcomer Ralph Hollingsworth, and a cameo appearance by the Knifty Knitters.

"Most movies are written for a young male audience, but we feel that older adults deserve a movie they can relate to," says Ms. Wilharm. "And young viewers appreciate it as much as their elders. The humor, music, romantic storylines, and relatable characters appeal to young and old alike and give them a better appreciation of each other."

"It's a humorous film that compels you to look at your life and your future," says CFDb.

"Flowers for Fannie" releases to DVD on February 1, but online viewers can watch a free sneak peek on Saturday, January 26 at 7:00pm CST. The entire movie will be available for online viewing for three hours.

"Our desire is that churches will use 'Flowers for Fannie' as a way to bridge the gap between youth and senior adults," says Ms. Wilharm. "If churches have a dinner and movie night with the youth serving the seniors, it puts into practice the message of the movie. I'd love to see them follow up with an Adopt a Grandparent program."

For more information about the movie or to schedule a screening at your church or senior center visit the website.

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