Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Corban University To Help Students Overcome Loan Burdens

Salem, Oregon (Oct. 8, 2013) - Corban University is so confident in the value of their education that they are now guaranteeing that student loan debt will not stand in the way of their graduates’ successful futures.

Their new loan repayment assistance program, called The Corban Promise, assures students that they will either secure a well-paying job after graduation, or they will receive help repaying their loans while they follow their dreams. Beginning in fall 2014, all incoming students at Corban University will be automatically enrolled in The Corban Promise. The unique program, provided at no cost to families, offers a safety net that helps ease the burden of student loans, while empowering graduates to pursue their passions and highest ambitions.

“It’s every college student’s dream to land a meaningful job after graduation, one that uses their strengths and education,” said Sheldon C. Nord, Ph.D., president of Corban University. “Repaying student loans adds significant pressure, and we want to provide our students and families with peace of mind. The Corban Promise will help ensure that our graduates are able to pursue their calling.”

Corban University is the only college in the Pacific Northwest to tackle the rising concerns surrounding the national educational debt-load, by providing a safety net for their students’ educational investment.

The Corban Promise will provide substantial loan repayment assistance on graduates’ federal, private alternative and parent PLUS loans—at no cost to families. The loan repayment assistance will continue until the graduate’s income rises to a level of financial sufficiency, or until loans are completely paid off.

“In times when many college graduates are having to choose between following their dreams, and settling for a paycheck to pay the bills, we want our students and families to know that we are committed to their success, from the time they set foot on campus, until the day they land their dream job,” said Matt Lucas, D.A., provost at Corban University. “Given our mission, to help educate the leaders of tomorrow, providing The Corban Promise is not only our way of securing those successful futures, it is also the right thing to do.”

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