Wednesday, October 16, 2013

The Mark Dubbeld Family Releases New CD – 'His Love is Why'

Moneta, VA (October 9, 2013) The very talented Mark Dubbeld Family is proud to announce the release of their brand new CD Project entitled, 'His Love That's Why' on Mansion Records. With good radio success from their last CD, 'On With The Praise', the expectation is great for even higher charting songs from this new project.

Produced by Dove Award Winning producer, Nick Bruno, the project features 11 original songs, 10 written solely by Janene Dubbeld, and 1 in which Janene co writes with their son, Vincent. With incredible orchestrations by Milton Smith, the songs include... Legacy, Face of The Captain, His Love, That's Why, Cottonfield, Lean A Little Harder, Prayers, Higher Than I, My Theme, Thank You /Another Day, Resurrected Christ, and One Of These Days.

John Mathis of Mansion Entertainment states: "The new project... just makes me smile. Another step up! Really good material! Really good tracks! A great variety of music."

Bill Traylor, President of Mansion Entertainment, states, “Mark, Janene and all the Dubbelds are some of the finest and most talented people I have met. It is an honor and major opportunity to work with such gifted people that present the message of the Gospel is such a clear and professional manner. Janene’s writing is incredible and Mark’s leadership in vocals stands out as one of the best I’ve experienced. We look forward to offering this new Mansion Records release. It will be a blessing to all”.

Mark Dubbeld, continues, “We are very honored to be working with some of Nashville's finest musicians, our producer Nick Bruno, Bill Traylor, and all the Mansion Entertainment team. We know that this CD is going to bless many people with message of God's love and forgiveness. We believe lives will be forever transformed by the power of Christ. That's what we live for!"

The Mark Dubbeld Family, are renowned for inspired, originally penned songs, family harmony, and a sincere desire to communicate the Gospel through their music and testimony. The Group was named in the Top 3 Gospel Groups of the NQC Showcase Winners in 2012, and were blessed to Sing on The National Quartet Main Stage. The family was named in the, "The Ones to Watch in 2013" by and, "Inside The Gate," became the 3rd Top 40 Nationally released single in 2 years.

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About The Mark Dubbeld Family
The Mark Dubbeld Family consists of Vincent 21 yrs, Leighton 19 yrs, Elena 15 yrs, Channing 11 yrs and Britton 8 yrs old. Each of them play an active role in the ministry -- Singing, playing the drums, bass and acoustic guitar.

Janene, loves to write for Jesus. Songs, devotionals, stories . . . you name it she loves to write it. She is also a gifted speaker. Her message focuses on healing hearts through compassionate speaking, restoring joy with her songs of faith, and exhorting Christians to live passionately for God. Of course, that's only a part time "job" -- she's a full time wife and mother.

Mark SINGS and loves it. He has been a gospel singer since the age of 15. Mark has been singing full time for more than 25 years in Churches, Crusades Conferences and even a recent ESPN National Classic Pro Fishing Tournament. Singing as a soloist, with his family, in gospel quartets, choirs, and working in worship and music. He loves his Lord, and loves his family.

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