Thursday, October 3, 2013

Beth Roose Launches Syndicated Program Starring Lulu Roman

Katy, TX (October 2, 2013) Renowned children's film Producer/Director Beth Roose has launched her new cooking program “Cookin' It Up With LuLu”, starring Lulu Roman of Hee Haw Fame. On September 18th Beth Roose filmed the cooking show pilot with LuLu Roman at her house with 5 children.
The program will include a fireside chat, cooking and doing a craft with a bible lesson in there too. Obviously the show is geared for a Christian channel to pick up the show. The cast of the show includes Producer/Director Beth Roose, LuLu Roman, Heather Schmidt, Alycesaundra Lyerly, Giavanna Lyerly, Chloe Wilkerson, Noah Bradshaw, Gavin Morales, Pierce Ferguson, Ginny Posey and Onna Carney.
In addition to the cooking show, Ms Roose is in the middle of producing a pilot for an anti-bullying animation short movie. While the movie will only be seven minutes, the message it carries will be a powerful message that youngsters of every age need to see.
"Cookin' It Up With LuLu" was picked up by AMCTV and Atlantic Syndication. In addition both of her animated films Elf Sparkle Meets Christmas The Horse and Elf Sparkle And The Special Red Dress were picked up for air and syndication for Christmas to be aired in 320 markets.
Ms Roose is making a series out of her animated film Jimmy Paul The Pug Tooth Fairy starring Gospel Bass singing phenom Ian Owens as Giles the lovable English Bulldog.
AMCTV and Atlantic Syndication has also chosen Beth Roose, and Gospel singing great Shannon Smith (Three Bridges) and Ian Owens (Soul'd Out Quartet) to the introduce the following classic Holiday films....White Christmas, Holiday Inn, Christmas In Connecticut, Shop Around The Corner, It Happened On Fifth Avenue, National Velvet, and Our Vines Have Tender Grapes.
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About Beth Roose Films
Creativity on film would pretty well describe Beth Roose Films.
Beth Roose has taken a unique approach to reaching out to kids and families today. With the help of some celebrity stars, and some Gospel singers Beth is reaching millions with a positive message by using characters like Elf Sparkle and Jimmy Paul The Pug Tooth Fairy.

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