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Faith-Fueled Underdog Story Ranks 2nd in Per-Screen Average
LOS ANGELES – Oct. 9, 2013 – Scoring second place in per-screen average at the national box office—topping $11,000 per screen—this weekend LINSANITY, the story of Jeremy Lin, the Asian-American NBA star’s life and faith, races into new screens.

“LINSANITY captures the passion, hard work and faith that define Jeremy’s life story,” said Gareth West, CEO of Ketchup Entertainment. “We’re thrilled audiences and critics are embracing it.”

Rotten Tomatoes gave LINSANITY a “fresh” rating with critics saying:

“An example of long-term documentary filmmaking paying off in ways few could have anticipated, LINSANITY energetically recounts Jeremy Lin’s astonishing rise to NBA stardom.”

“You may have watched Lin's rise to national prominence the first time, but it's still easy to get caught up in the moment.”
San Francisco Chronicle

“The events leading to this media-fueled frenzy and the genial, low-key underdog at its epicenter are given a peppy workout by director Evan Jackson Leong in the enjoyable documentary."
Los Angeles Times

Directed by Evan Jackson Leong and narrated by Hawaii Five-O’s Daniel Dae Kim, LINSANITY follows an undersized California kid—a child of Taiwanese immigrants—who loved hoops fiercely and refused to give up. It also shows the faith and family that sustained and guided a young Asian-American through physical and societal obstacles and past heartbreaking setbacks.

Director Evan Jackson Leong—A sixth-generation Chinese immigrant, Evan Jackson Leong was following Jeremy Lin, and filming his story, long before the Linsanity phenomenon broke.
Producers Christopher C. Chen, Allen Lu and Brian Yang


"It was fun, inspiring and entertaining."
Francis Chan
Best-selling author of Crazy Love, Forgotten God and Erasing Hell

"Inspiring! Filled with great lessons about trusting in God and pursuing God’s will with passion."
Ted Baehr
Ted Baehr's Movieguide®

“I loved LINSANITY . . . Don't miss it!”
Chris Seay
Lead Pastor, Ecclesia Houston
In Theaters October 11*

New York - Manhattan - AMC Village 7
New York - Queens - Main Street Cinemas
New York - Bronx - Soundview Cinemas
Los Angeles - Monterey Park, Calif. - AMC Atlantic Times Square 14
Los Angeles - Santa Ana, Calif. - Regency South Coast Village 3
Chicago - Chicago - Logan Theater
Chicago - South Barrington - AMC South Barrington 30
Washington, D.C. - Alexandria, Va. - AMC Hoffman Center 22
Washington, D.C. - Gaithersburg, Md. - AMC Rio 18
Boston - Boston - AMC Loews Boston Common 19
San Francisco - San Francisco - Sundance Kabuki
San Francisco - Cupertino, Calif. - Bluelight Cinema 5
Houston - Houston - AMC Studio 30
San Diego - Camino Del Rio, Calif. - AMC Mission Valley 20
Seattle - Lynnwood, Wash. - AMC Alderwood 16
Seattle - Seattle - AMC Pacific Place 11
Seattle - Seattle - Sundance Cinemas Seattle
Honolulu - Aiea, Hawaii - Cons Pearlridge West 16
* Check local listings for possible theater changes.


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