Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Crossroads Challenge Launched

Arden, NC - Crossroads Entertainment & Marketing has just announcedthe launch of a new effort called the Crossroads Challenge. Theownership of Crossroads has been burdened to give to others in need.After much prayer and discussion, we decided to establish our own cause, rather than donating to a foundation, that already has a base of support. Thus the Crossroads Challenge has been born.
We will not be limiting our focus to one group with a specific need, but rather to those who are challenged in any area of life,living with debilitating circumstances, yet still finding joy inChrist and sharing it with others. Crossroads executive Chris Whiteexplains it this way; “Have you ever met a person who lives lifechallenged everyday by being confined in a wheelchair, walking oncrutches, or struggling with debilitating disease, yet they are thefirst to offer a big smile and a “Praise God”? Many people livingwith these circumstances are prevented from living a normal life, yettheir testimonies about God’s goodness to them shines through andbrings joy to those of us who go through life without suchconstraints. When you meet someone like that, you stand there humbledand many times ashamed, because we often think our little trials inlife are so big, when really they are nothing compared to what thesepeople suffer with daily. In many cases, these people have needs intheir lives covering a wide range of concerns. Maybe they need food.Maybe they need help paying their heating bill in cold winter months.Maybe it’s help paying for a medical device or, maybe they wouldenjoy a basket full of music they cannot afford to buy. We will focuson those that are “challenged”, yet are the first to bring joy toothers, through their positive approach to life with their smiles andtheir love for the Lord,” White concluded.
Here is the way the challenge will work. Crossroads is asking that ifyou know of an individual that fits the criteria described, pleaseforward a short paragraph with this person’s story to . Each submission will be considered and a selection made each month.The selected beneficiary will be contacted and ask to tell the storyof their plight. Crossroads will then publish the selection via apress release, so that thousands are exposed to their story. Eachstory will be posted at Since needs will vary,Crossroads will ask the selected person to share what would benefit their lives the most, so that the company can provide helpaccordingly. If that person desires, Crossroads will publish theircontact information so that anyone that wishes, can give somethingthemselves, to these deserving individuals. Crossroads looks forwardto blessing others…for being a blessing.
Please be as brief as possible with any submissions. Thank you.

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