Monday, February 1, 2010

Dixie Echoes Name New Bass Singer

In a special press release today.. Stewart Varnado announced that The Dixie Echoes have hired a new bass vocalist. Nineteen year old Trent Adams, from Ashland, Alabama.. will make his first DE concert appearance on February 11th in Baton Rouge, LA. Varnado says: "We believe that Trent is one of the best young bass singers and we are excited that he has accepted the offer to become part of the Dixie Echoes. Trent is an exceptional young bass singer, and we feel that our fans will love his smooth bass voice and friendly personality."Since the announcement of the departure of Pat Barker.. Varnado says the group has been overwhelmed with the response they have received. Varnado adds: "While we auditioned several fantastic bass singers for the position, we truly feel the addition of Trent to the Dixie Echoes is the right choice. We would like to thank everyone for their interest." Pat Barker left the Dixie Echoes to join the newly formed Mark Trammell Quartet.

Courtesy: SGReporterNEWS

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