Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Christian Music Talent, Donna Beauvais, Nominated For Best Actress In The Alaska International Film Festival

Beauvais, the voice of animated character, Elf Sparkle, is nominated, along with best actor nominee, John de Lancie, both for roles in upcoming Christmas cartoon, Elf Sparkle Meets Christmas The Horse.

Nashville, TN (July 13, 2010) – Christian music’s multi-talented, Donna Beauvais, is nominated for best actress in the upcoming Alaska International Film Festival for her role as Elf Sparkle in an independent animated cartoon entitled, Elf Sparkle Meets Christmas The Horse. Co-star of the film, John de Lancie, best known for his role as Q in the Star Trek series, is also nominated, for best actor for his portrayal of Santa Claus. In addition to the best actress nod, Beauvais is also nominated for Best Music Video, where she sings one of the featured songs from the cartoon, “Christmas Is Coming,” written by French song-writer, Cedric Coche. Awards will be handed out during the film festival in Anchorage, Alaska on July 15th, 2010.

Many Christian music fans will remember Beauvais for her years in the dynamic trio Hope’s Call. Hope’s Call was a family group whose success was marked by numerous award nominations, top 10 songs in both the Southern Gospel and Soft AC Christian radio markets, but, most importantly, a strong focus on the spiritual impact of music in the lives of people. The group toured fulltime all over the US, as well as, Canada for seven years, before coming home from the road to begin new seasons in their lives. Beauvais’ home base is Franklin, TN, where she is owner and president of Vertical Sky. She is a producer, songwriter, and radio promoter for Daywind Records and independent artists. She wears several other music and media related hats, as well. Being the voice of an animated cartoon character is the newest of her many career opportunities. She will attest that it is also one of the most wonderful experiences of her life.

Beauvais shares, “The way that this opportunity came to be could only be God and God alone. The writer of these precious childrens’ animated cartoons, Beth Roose, had heard Hope’s Call’s Christmas recording. Her first cartoon was a Christmas one, and so she contacted us and asked us to be a part of the endeavor by singing in it. We happily accepted and made our first trip back into the studio, after coming off the road, to record several of the songs in the cartoon. One thing led to another, and before I knew it, Beth and her team asked if I would be the voice of the main character, Elf Sparkle. My first reaction was ‘ME??’ The answer was YES! I now have three cartoons completed and another about to get underway. To say this experience is fun would be a major understatement. When my kids were young, I’d watch cartoons with them and always imagine myself playing a character with a singing role. God sure does know even the unspoken desires of our heart! I am so thankful for the amazing Beth Roose, along with Joyce Cannon, and the many others that have come into my life as a result of this experience. I have acted along side Margaret O’Brien (Meet Me In St. Louis), John de Lancie (co-nominee), Rob Schneider (comedian and actor in countless big screen movies), Catherine Hicks (7th Heaven), and more. Somebody pinch me! I can hardly believe it, but I am having a blast!”

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The Alaska International Film Festival is Alaska's leading independent film competition and recognition platform. The aim of the competition is to recognize the best and brightest new work in international cinema and highlight Alaska's important role in the international film community. 

Each year, awards are presented to independent filmmakers from around the globe who produce original and compelling films and screenplays in several competition categories. The Alaska International Film Festival awards innovative and diverse films that connect independent filmmakers' vision and the artistic process to the emerging global arts community.

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