Tuesday, July 6, 2010

SGM Radio Blog’s Top Ten: The Moore Family

We are thrilled to share with you these mini-interviews with some great Southern Gospel artists! Check back often to see who is next on the SGM Radio Blog's Top Ten!

The Moore Family

We were born and raised in the hills of Eastern Kentucky. Group members include Jerry Moore singing lead, Elizabeth Moore on vocals and keyboards, and their son Noah Hamer also on vocals.

The Moore Family’s Top Ten

1. Please tell us the name of your latest recording and your favorite song from that CD. What is the message behind this song?
Our latest recording is “That’s Enough For Me”. As the title cut and our favorite song from the recording. “That’s Enough For Me”. I know that Jesus saved me and that’s all that will matter when this life is over is if His precious blood has been applied to your soul. Praise His Name forever.

2. What is one group highlight from the last 12 months?
There have been a lot of highlights from getting to open for the legendary Larry Sparks in a concert in March 2010, and some other great artists. But the greatest highlight is every soul we have been able to witness to and tell about Jesus. All the great services we been in and all those precious souls saved - that’s the biggest and best highlight for The Moore Family.

3. Where is your favorite place to eat on the road?
Any Family oriented restaurant that doesn’t serve alcohol. If they serve alcohol they don’t get our business and we will just starve. We would have to say Golden Corral as our favorite.

4. What is your favorite TV series rerun?
The Little House On the Prairie

5. What was the best decade for music? Favorite artist from that decade?
Would have to say the 1970’s. That’s when The Primitive Quartet got started and one of many of our favorite groups. They are still singing and we thank the Lord for them and their service for him.

6. Who is your favorite Christian author/teacher/evangelist?
Favorite Author: Paul who God inspired to write a lot of great books in the New Testament of His Holy Word. Teacher: Anyone that teaches being inspired by the Holy Spirit and being led by the Lord. Evangelist: Jacob Berry

7. What is one habit you would like to break?
Being able to sleep the whole night thru without waking several times.

8. Who is your most favorite Bible person/character?
Jerry’s-Daniel, Shadrach, Meshach, and Abed-nego they put their faith in God when death was almost certain and the Lord delivered them.

9. Name a song that once it gets stuck in your head you can’t get it out.
Amazing Grace

10. What is the last book you read?
Jerry-Genesis from the Old Testament
Elizabeth- The Shack

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