Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Jaime Jamgochian - The Fish & CCM

Centricity Music’s Jaime Jamgochian Tapes Podcast Interview With CCM In Support Of Single “The Stand” And Modest Is Hottest Events

Nashville, TN (May 9, 2011) ----- Centricity Music’s Jaime Jamgochian stopped by the CCM offices in Nashville to tape a podcast interview with editor, Caroline Lusk. The Story Behind The Song will be in the May issue of CCM with the rest of the interview going online at ChristianMusicToday.com, which includes updates on Jamgochian’s mother/daughter events, Modest Is Hottest.

Also in May, Jamgochian will once again co-host The Family Friendly Morning Show on The Fish in Nashville with Doug Griffin. Jamgochian will be substituting for the regular co-host, Jaci Velasquez.

Jamgochian stays active on the touring circuit with several women’s conferences that has teamed her with such guest speakers as Angela Thomas, Sherrie Rose Shepard, Marion Jordan and Lisa Whelchel. And several radio stations are partnering with Jamgochian for Modest Is Hottest events in their areas that include such stations as Star 88.3 in Ft. Wayne, IN and the Family Life Network with three dates in the New York area this fall.

For more information on Jamgochian and her tour dates please visit www.jaimejam.com or www.centricitymusic.com.

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