Wednesday, May 4, 2011

THIS WEEK ON GOSPEL MUSIC TODAY: The Missourians and Kenny Bishop

The guests on the latest edition of Gospel Music Today are The Missourians and Kenny Bishop. Ken and Jean Grady host southern gospel news and concert updates, and they visit a concert by The Dixie Echoes at The Gospel Barn, in Ochelata, OK. Jean's Feature Group is Jericho, and she reviews a new CD by The Melody Boys Quartet. The show features singing by Providence Quartet and The Chuck Wagon Gang. The current Gospel Music Today is online now at the Gospel Music Today website.

The Melody Boys have their Spring concert this Friday, May 6, in Little Rock AR. The Freemans Homecoming is Saturday. May 7, in Boles, AR, and The Toney Brothers will be at The Assembly, in Broken Arrow, OK, Saturday, May 7. Links to all these concerts and many more can be found on the Gospel Music Today Concerts page.

Sirius/XM Radio has been announcing planned changes to their channel lineup "to make it easier to find your favorite channels." If you are like Jean and me, and you subscribed to satellite radio in order to listen to southern gospel music on the Enlighten channel, you will find your favorite channel in the trash can after Wednesday, because that is where the executives and consultants at Sirius/XM are planning to send it.
They are saying that they are merely moving Enlighten to another channel, but that channel is internet-only. You will not be able to listen on the radio in your vehicle. And you will still have to pay to listen on the internet.
There are cases in the history of broadcasting where network or station decisions have been reversed because of listener response. If you enjoy Enlighten southern gospel, it is worth trying to save it.
Here are some contacts:
Sirius phone: 1-888-539-7474
XM phone: 1-800-291-5304
Sirius/XM email:

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