Friday, February 15, 2013

Back Home Releases Powerful Video "Whiskey Stained Glass"

Jasper, TN (February 15, 2013) Award nominated trio Back Home has released their first concept video, "Whiskey Stained Glass".

Jimmy Layne, Singer/songwriter of Back Home explained “This song is as close to the testimony of my life's struggle I went through with drugs and alcohol many years ago.”

You can watch the video at the link below:

Pastor David Smith of the Monroe Church of God, Monroe, GA commented, "This song is about real life, and while the theme is alcohol, the message of this song applies to any addiction or catastrophe in your life".

Pastor Dee McGuire of the Greensboro Baptist Church, Greensboro, AL, said "This is the perfect picture of God's grace and mercy."

Take a look at this video and listen to the gospel. Several broadcasting companies have already picked this video up for airplay. It is going to GAC, CMT, TNN, Family Friendly Network and others.

Fresh Well Media, who produced the video, stated "The most emotional and transparent concept video Fresh Well Media has done to date. Congratulations to the writers Mark Narmore and Brent Baxter, actors, musicians, volunteers, location scouts, and of course the powerful vocals of this evangelistic trio BACK HOME.


About Back Home
Back Home is formerly a husband and wife team, now a trio, who not only are great singers, but also inspiring songwriters. Jimmy and Jennifer are no strangers to the music industry. Twenty-six year veterans of vocal session work, they are two of the most sought after background singers in the country and gospel music industries. On any given night you can find Back Home sharing their love for good music, the gospel and their love for the One who has allowed them to live their dreams and sing for Him with audiences and churches all across America.

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