Monday, February 11, 2013

Greater Vision In Studio

From Greater Vision's email newsletter of February 7, 2013:

We finished up last weekend in Florida, and we're still in Florida... headed to Palmetto for two great events today!

On Monday, we'll be back in the recording studio, finishing the vocals for our brand-new CD, which is scheduled for release in late April. Rodney, Chris, Jim Brady, Lanny Wolfe, and several other great writers have contributed some great new songs, and we're ready for you to hear them! One of my favorite parts of the recording process will be on Tuesday, when Lari Goss returns to the studio to conduct the Orchestra Session for our recording! Hearing all that great music come together to help carry the message of the songs is a great experience. After that, Bob Williams will begin the "mix" process (putting it all together), and Ben Wolfe will begin working on the art for the CD cover. It will all come together to produce a great CD! Keep watching our Updates for more information, and a chance to get your CD before it's released to the general public!

To see our complete Concert Schedule, click HERE.

We have a sound-check at 11am, so I need to close.

All of us hope you have a great remainder of the week, and we hope to see you SOON!

As always, thank you for your prayers and your friendship. You are a blessing to us!

Greater Vision
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