Tuesday, February 19, 2013

HMS Bounty Article in Outside Magazine

Ashley Deramus on HMS Bounty

Media Statement
In light of the recent story in Outside Magazine about the HMS Bounty, Ashley and I would like to take this opportunity to honor the memory of crew members Claudine Christian and Captain Robin. These two brave individuals were both mentors and heroes in Ashley’s world.
In 2012, we received the rare honor of sailing transit on the HMS Bounty, which is where Ashley fell in love with sailing and was given the opportunity to be a part of the crew. This experience helped build her confidence and social skills. Under the supervision of Claudine, Ashley carried out her assigned duties. These included checking the engine room and painting.
Ashley’s time with Captain Robin helped develop a deep friendship and admiration for each other. By seeing how Ashley’s self confidence, independence and ability to accept responsibility grew, Captain Robin decided he wanted to give other young people the same opportunity. His dream was to arrange for the Bounty to host a group of young individuals with Down syndrome on some of the transits during the 2013 Great Lakes Tour.
I have never seen Ashley’s confidence in what she is capable to do and her potential rise as much as it did with her time spent on the HMS Bounty. I thank Captain Robin and Claudine for their love, support, and the impact they made in Ashley’s life. They will always be a treasure in both of our hearts and memory.
Connie Deramus
Executive Director
Ashley’s by Design “Up about downs”
You can contact Ashley through Gary Kannegiesser at 440-670-2897 or dreamgk@gmail.com. Read more about Ashley Deramus and her Foundation at http://www.facebook.com/pages/Ashley-DeRamus-Foundation or http://www.ashleyderamusfoundation.org/ .


About Ashley Deramus Foundation
The Ashley Deramus Foundation was founded for and dedicated to the education, advancement and quality life-style of children and adults with Downs Syndrome. Through the work of Ashley and the foundation, our goal is to increase the awareness and enlighten others about the rewards and positive contributions we make.

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