Thursday, February 21, 2013

Mark Dubbeld Family - Enjoying “The Inside The Gate” Southern Tour

Nashville, TN (February, 20th, 2013) Mansion Entertainment recording artist, The Mark Dubbeld Family, left their home in Moneta, VA on January 5th to launch the "Inside The Gate” Southern Tour in SC, GA, and FL. The family will not be home until March 23rd. The concerts have been well attended allowing them to make many new acquaintances as well as connecting with many friends. Reports are coming in that people leave every concert inspired and encouraged. Lives have been transformed by the power of Christ as the concerts close with an open altar and an opportunity to respond to the Gospel message.
The single, “Inside The Gate,” continues to enjoy radio success and is the groups 3rd Top 40 song and #20 on this month’s Southern Gospel Top 100. The Mark Dubbeld Family sings mostly original music composed by Janene Dubbeld.

This family has been especially blessed to see God move upon the hearts of the pastors at the churches in which they are ministering this tour. “It’s an awesome privilege to encourage another servant of the Lord,” says Janene. “We know God’s will isn’t always easy, but it is always worth it.”

Their appearances have been in churches, concert venues, coffee houses, and RV parks. The Mark Dubbeld Family, are renowned for inspired originally penned songs, family harmony, and sincere desire to communicate the Gospel through their music and testimony. Mark states “It has been a blessed tour and we are meeting so many new friends and continuing to expand our contacts in the south with Gospel Music Fans. We truly have a Song to Sing…A Word to Write…and A Call to Answer…We are enjoying life on the road and know that God will continue opening many doors to share this wonderful message of Salvation."

For Booking or more information regarding resources about The Mark Dubbeld Family visit their website at,, or 540-293-8467


About The Mark Dubbeld Family
The Mark Dubbeld Family consists of Vincent 21 yrs, Leighton 19 yrs, Elena 15 yrs, Channing 11 yrs and Britton 8 yrs old. Each of them play an active role in the ministry -- Singing, playing the drums, bass and acoustic guitar.

Janene, loves to write for Jesus. Songs, devotionals, stories . . . you name it she loves to write it. She is also a gifted speaker. Her message focuses on healing hearts through compassionate speaking, restoring joy with her songs of faith, and exhorting Christians to live passionately for God. Of course, that's only a part time "job" -- she's a full time wife and mother.

Mark SINGS and loves it! He has been a gospel singer since the age of 15. Mark has been singing full time for more than 25yrs in Churches, Crusades Conferences and even a recent ESPN National Classic Pro Fishing Tournament. Singing as a soloist, with his family, in gospel quartets, choirs, and working in worship and music. He loves his Lord, and loves his family.

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