Monday, February 11, 2013

News from Legacy Five

From Legacy Five's email newsletter of February 6, 2013:

What a great month January was! The New Year's Celebration at Gaylord Opryland Hotel was magnificent! Then we had two Jubilee concerts with the Booth Brothers and Greater Vision. We also enjoyed our Eastern Caribbean Gospel Music Celebration cruise with The Collingsworth Family, Greater Vision, Triumphant Quartet, The Booth Brothers, Tim Lovelace and others. It was a phenomenal cruise for sure.
Wow...what a month!

Now we look to February for some more great times. This month will take us to Florida, Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, Wisconsin and Arizona. See our schedule below for more details. Come see us and bring a friend!

~ Scott
Legacy Five

Mirror, mirror on the wall ...
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Historic Hotel & Coastal Resort
Without ever leaving the United States!
October 20 & 21, 2014

Want to visit an island and a resort without having to ever leave the United States? Mackinac Island, voted as one of the top 10 islands IN THE WORLD will host Legacy Five and Ken Davis for a weekend retreat this October 20 and 21. Come and enjoy a Sunday night and Monday morning concert and treat yourself to the delightful Grand Hotel and their world class cuisine.....all included! More details will be coming soon, so go ahead and mark your calendars and make plans to attend this once-in-a-lifetime unforgettable experience known as Mackinac Island, Michigan.
Don't Miss the Boat!
January 18 - 25, 2014

In the first paragraph, I mentioned just having gotten off our annual Eastern Caribbean cruise. That cruise destination is THE BEST Caribbean itinerary I have EVER been on. Plus, the Holland America cruise line is superb. Then you add the detail and class of Inspiration Christian Cruises along with the best artists Southern Gospel Music has to offer, and it is no wonder that this cruise sold out 5 months in advance. The passengers are demanding this cruise be offered again, so we are scheduled to do it all over again January 18-25 of next year. I know it sounds like a long time away and some of you don't like to plan that far ahead. BUT....this cruise does sell out quickly. There are a limited number of cabins in each "category" and so you need to reserve the cabin of your choice as soon as possible. Take your time paying the cruse off, but at least secure your spot now. You have until October 29th to cancel your reservation and still receive a refund. So....don't wait....reserve your spot NOW.

Last, but not Least!
Your Stories
Legacy Five has a tab on our website called, "Your Stories." These are letters we have received from folks who have a specific story to tell that somehow relates to the ministry of Legacy Five. If you have a special story you would like to share, please email it to us and we will consider it for publication on our site. We only post your story once we have received permission from you. But even if we don't publish your story, we still want to hear it. Your stories encourage us and we love reading what God has done in your life through our music. So....I'd like to leave you with a letter I just got this week. It is shared with permission, however this person did request that we not include her name or town. She gave me permission to share it with you because she hopes her story might help encourage one of you.

Dear Legacy Five,

Let me start out by saying thank you again for an awesome and encouraging concert tonight. And thank you for granting my request to sing I Stand Redeemed. I so did not want the evening to end. Another reason I look forward to Heaven....the singing and praise and worship won't ever have to end!

About eleven years ago I found myself divorced after nine years of marriage. I was told that he just didn't love me anymore. In the aftermath and heartbreak of this life event, I soon found myself involved in a relationship with a married man. Now I had gone forward as a child to accept Christ, and was raised in a Christian home, so I knew all of this was terribly wrong. When this relationship fell apart and he decided to go back to his wife of 25 years, I was left despondent, heart broken and feeling very much alone and lost. So I went out to his barn and looked for something sharp. I found a razor blade and attempted to use it on my wrists, but the blade was too dull to get very much damage done before I was found and stopped. I do however still carry a couple of minor scars to this day.

It was about two weeks after this that I was invited to your concert. When you guys sang I Stand Redeemed, I crumbled. It was like you were singing my hearts cry. "When I think of all my faults and my failures...." But oh how God used that chorus to encourage and heal this broken heart!

So tonight found me desiring to hear it again in the aftermath of yet another failed 9 1/2 year marriage. This time, my husband had turned verbally and mentally abusive and I believe it was soon to escalate into physical abuse. For the safety of my 3 year old son and I, we left.

The good news? The God on the mountain is still God in the valley. He has continued to do exceeding abundantly above all I could ask or think. Now don't get me wrong. I've had some pretty rough faith days, and not always had the most Godly of thoughts and attitudes, but His provision for us has been so wonderful! And at the end of the day I can still say, I Stand Redeemed, no matter what.

I hope this can encourage you just a little to know what an impact your service to the Lord can have and is having. Thanks to all of you for caring and being such a blessing. Thank you for your continued service and sacrifice, and for sharing the good news of the gospel.

On the Road
Here's our upcoming schedule. Please call ahead before driving long distances. We look forward to seeing you in our travels! Check out Legacy Five's Tour Schedule HERE

2/07 Palmetto FL Manatee Convention Center 1:30 & 7:30 PM
2/08 Palatka FL Christ Independent Methodist 7:00 PM
2/09 Hudson FL Word of Life 7:00 PM
2/15 Des Moines IA First Federated Church 7:00 PM
2/16 Normal IL Calvary Baptist Church 6:00 PM
2/22 Morrison IL Emmanuel Reformed Church 7:00 PM
2/23 Syracuse IN Wawasee High School / with the Freedom Singers 6:30PM
2/24 Chippewa Falls WI Chippewa Falls High School 3:00 PM
2/28 Phoenix AZ Grand Canyon University Arena 6:00 PM

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