Friday, February 1, 2013

Rick Alan King Ministry Update

From Rick Alan King's Hi Notes Newsletter of January 31, 2013:

As many of you may already know, Lana had surgery on January 24, to correct her Achilles tendon that was severely damaged by two different falls in the past few months. For a healthy person, this would be just your average, but painful, out-patient surgery and a few weeks off and then smooth sailing with common sense. Well, along with having COPD, Lana’s joints are weakened from cancer and the treatments and side effects from lots of medications, chiefly being that of antibiotics and steroids, orally and intravenously. She is now confined to a hospital bed at home and has home health and physical therapy done in-house. All this will require her to be totally non-weight bearing for 6 weeks and then 3-6 months of partial wheelchair use and therapy with close observation following.

My reason for this letter: This has caused me to basically put my entire music ministry on hold for at least four months, possibly longer. This has caused us to struggle greatly as this is basically 50 percent of our income. (I only work a very few hours a week in the hair salon these days). I have questioned, prayed and shed many tears over this situation as I realize I have many more years behind me, musically, than I do ahead of me at my age. I have fought discouragement and depression and even some anger over all this, but I do realize that life can just throw you some curve balls and you have to accept whatever is thrown your way, but it sure can be hard at times!

After much thought, talk, getting professional advice and of course prayer, I have decided to return to the road the third weekend of March. I also realize that we are well in 2013 now and most dates should already be booked or at least in the planning stages so booking dates is going to be very hard at this point in time. To any of you pastors/music ministers/promoters etc that have booked me in the past, I ask for your help again. To all of you who are fans/followers/friends of me and my music ministry, I ask for any help in any way you can be that of suggestions, referrals or advice.

The great Dottie Rambo once wrote a song titled, “Too Much To Gain To Lose” and there is a line from that song that says,“…and defeat is one word I don’t use”. I plan on clinging to that phrase with all my being.

Please keep Lana and I in your prayers and I promise we will return the favor.

Blessings to all!


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