Monday, February 11, 2013

Gold City News

Gold City email newsletter of February 11, 2013:

It’s been a great couple of weeks for Gold City. Since we last updated you, we’ve sang at TBN in Hendersonville, TN, Soddy Daisy, TN, McDonald TN, and took a trip to Palmetto, FL, where we sang once again for one of gospel music’s best promoters, Bill Bailey at his Winter Concert. We were with our friends, the Mark Trammell Quartet, The Freemans, Tony Gore, and Jeff and Sheri Easter. From there, we had two concerts each in GA and AL before heading the bus toward Jacksonville, FL to board a ship, which is where we will be for the next week on Templeton Tour’s Singing At Sea cruise to the Bahamas. Danny, Jerry, and Chuck will each have some of their family on the cruise, so this will make for a special time.


The concert at TBN mentioned above was a special tribute to songwriters that the Southern Gospel Music Guild produced for that television station. Gold City sang two songs that night–"Peter James and John" to honor songwriter Dianne Wilkinson and "I’m Not Giving Up" by Squire Parsons, another honoree of the evening. The show aired for the first time last Friday night, February 8th, but will be rebroadcast at other times. Check the station’s website, for further broadcast information.


Gold City could not do what they do without the love and support of our wives, who are just as much a part of this ministry as we are. Without their sacrifices and their blessing for us to leave out each week, we could not pursue our calling, share our music and minister the gospel to a lost and dying world. We hope we show it more often than this one day, but especially on Valentine’s Day, we want to say to Barbara Riley, Holly Riley, Micki Pelfrey, Kelly Elliott, and Anjeanette Howe we love and appreciate you very much!


Most of you know by now, Dan Keeton announced his departure a few weeks ago to pursue his life-long dream of starting a non-profit agency for childhood victims of abuse. So, we’ve been sifting through all sorts of applications and audition mp3 files to locate a new tenor. We do not have any announcement to make at the present time, but those of you who seeing Gold City in the next couple of weeks will be seeing and hearing a new face and voice on stage. Robert Fulton is riding the bus for a while with us during our transition period. He’s got an amazing voice with a super high range. We’re not sure what fans are going to love more–his musical ability or his great personality. You decide while he’s visiting on the Gold City bus for a while as our tenor search winds down.


The February issue of Singing News has hit the newsstand. You can read a Valentine’s tribute to our wives on page 3. On page 46, our trip to Times Square Church in New York City is chronicled, complete with photos of this beautiful and historic place.


"We are all faced with a series of great opportunities brilliantly disguised as impossible situations." -Chuck Swindoll


Gold City will be on the Singing At Sea cruise from Feb. 11-15 this week, but we will keep you updated on all the latest news via Facebook. Make sure you "like" our page, "Gold City Quartet" today! Have a great week!


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