Thursday, July 11, 2013

Are Women Significant?

Nationally Known Author, Entrepreneur Kathy Peel Joins Halftime as Director of Women's Initiative

“Halftime may have begun as one man’s story but now it’s a movement helping men and women achieve more than success. These women are leaders; they’ve dramatically influenced business and professions, and now they’re asking: ‘What’s next?’”
Kathy Peel, Director of The Halftime Institute Women’s Initiative

DALLAS – July 9, 2013 – For women in the professions, C-suites, and seats of influence and wanting to define or refine next things in their lives, the Dallas-based Halftime organization announces its Women’s Initiative, directed by nationally known author and entrepreneur Kathy Peel.

“Highly successful people—often after a professional peak, but sometimes prompted by loss—reach a point when success no longer is enough and significance is more compelling,” Halftime founder Bob Buford explains. “For these men and women, Halftime is a pause, in the company of peers and informed mentors, to identify and take steps into what will add meaning and joy to their work and lives.”

About The Halftime Organization and its Women’s Initiative

Founded in 1997 after Buford faced his own moment of truth, the Halftime Institute grew out of his bestseller Halftime, now nearing a million copies sold. In Buford’s case, a friend mentored him through the questions and experiments through which Buford began to map a new journey into his life’s second half.

“Every year in the US, another 4 million people turn 50. Meanwhile, Harvard-MetLife study says that more than half of them want more meaning and significance in their second half,” Buford said. “Kathy Peel knows success, and she has found what gives her work and life meaning. She couldn’t be more qualified to inaugurate this Halftime emphasis.”

The Halftime Institute Experience opens with a two-day workshop in Dallas, giving a small group of high achievers the mental space and guidance to review the past and frame the future. Over the next 12 months, each attendee, with a Halftime coach, continues to think and turn strong new ideas into doable steps. Halftime’s wide network of influential alumnae also opens a deep well of mentors, models, information and resources.

“Peter Drucker said people are over-prepared for their first half of life and underprepared for their second,” Peel said. “The Halftime Institute is the second-half preparation. It’s about living with no regrets.”

About Kathy Peel: America’s Family Manager

Peel is a successful entrepreneur and founder/CEO of the Family Manager brand. Having published 21 books—2 million copies sold—she is a national voice on women at work and home attaining goals and living out their priorities.

“Kathy’s success came by helping other women find their success,” Buford said. “She’s now helping more women cap their achievements with something even better.”

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