Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Elena Dubbeld of the Mark Dubbeld Family Returns From Cameroon, West Africa

Moneta, VA (July 29, 2013) In the midst of some very exciting times for the her family group, Elena Dubbeld, of the Mark Dubbeld Family, returned from a life changing mission trip in Cameroon, West Africa. She arrived home just in time finish singing with her family in a ministry engagement in PA.
In Cameroon, Elena was privileged to work for three weeks in an orphanage and travel “around the mountain” to a village where the missionaries had been invited to come by its chief. While she experienced “roughing it” in many ways, Elena says, “It was definitely worth it. It was an eye opening experience, and God was faithful.”
The children loved lots of hugs and kisses, which Elena was willing to give. Working with Victor and Claudine Chamberlin, of Evangelical Bible Mission a lock in with teen girls and a Vacation Bible School were also a part of her trip.
Even though returning “home” means joining her family on the road Elena says, “Wherever my family is, that’s home.”
Dad, Mark Dubbeld stated “While we missed Elena the three weeks she was gone, we knew that experiencing life on a true mission field would change her life forever.”
In addition to the exciting missions trip for Elena the Mark Dubbeld Family recently performed at the AGM Music Festival. Mark commented “While in Nashville for the Festival, we were able to stop in the studio and work on our new recording for Mansions Manor House Music. We are always thrilled to be able to record our new music.”
About The Mark Dubbeld Family
The Mark Dubbeld Family consists of Vincent 21 yrs, Leighton 19 yrs, Elena 15 yrs, Channing 11 yrs and Britton 8 yrs old. Each of them play an active role in the ministry -- Singing, playing the drums, bass and acoustic guitar.

Janene, loves to write for Jesus. Songs, devotionals, stories . . . you name it she loves to write it. She is also a gifted speaker. Her message focuses on healing hearts through compassionate speaking, restoring joy with her songs of faith, and exhorting Christians to live passionately for God. Of course, that's only a part time "job" -- she's a full time wife and mother.

Mark SINGS and loves it. He has been a gospel singer since the age of 15. Mark has been singing full time for more than 25 years in Churches, Crusades Conferences and even a recent ESPN National Classic Pro Fishing Tournament. Singing as a soloist, with his family, in gospel quartets, choirs, and working in worship and music. He loves his Lord, and loves his family.

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