Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Jim Sheldon And Scott Godsey Featured At 14th Annual Northern Gospel Singing Convention

Fort Wayne, IN (July 30,2013) The 14th Annual Northern Gospel Singing Convention is about to take place at Sunnycrest Baptist Family Life Center in Fort Wayne, IN on August 1st, 2nd, and 3rd.
Attendance is expected to be over 1600 during the 3 day event. Not only will we have a high energy feeling in the air of Gospel music being delivered, but you will experience the most spiritual convention you have ever experienced. Over 40 artists that travel to this small town from all over the United States to give you the best Gospel music you will ever hear.
The convention is hosted by Alan Godsey and The Northmen. There is a list of artists that will be performing at Master of Ceremonies for the events will be Scott Godsey of Godsey & Associates.
Among the Featured artists performing will be the Positive Cowboy, Jim Sheldon. Also appearing with Jim will be the Lori Jonathan Trio, New Covenant, Buddy Liles, the Northmen and many more.
The uniqueness of the Northern Gospel Singing Convention is that all artists are booked in the same programs and sing the same amount of time and an opportunity to sing to the same audiences. Every Artist's ministry is important. As the old saying goes, a picture is worth 1,000 words, but to really see the picture you must attend the Northern Gospel Singing Convention live to experience the feeling that is beyond words.
You can find out more about Godsey and Associates at or .
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About Jim Sheldon
After serving many years as music minster, there was a void yet filled. In 1994, joined my first gospel quartet. Immediately, I knew singing gospel music was God's true calling for my life. He confirmed this with a paraphrase of Proverbs 3:6 - "In everything you do put God first, He will direct and crown your efforts with success."

My greatest inspiration came from Glenn Payne. The Cathedrals sang at my church in Virginia. He told me:"Vocalize daily and never sing out of your range. Remember, God gave you the ability and desire. Honor Him with a servant's heart."
Now God says it's time to tell my story of how God has brought me out from a long 'wilderness time' of sin, shame and disgrace to where I am today.
About Godsey and Associates
In the last quarter of 2011, Scott Godsey started a team making music videos for Christian artists. That soon developed into not only working inside the Christian music business, but going outside of the Christian music world. Soon after, the company expanded into other genres. G&A started working with churches, authors, and organizations. The Godsey & Associate formula works with any company that wants to focus on brand building and getting in front of an audience.

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