Friday, July 5, 2013

Gene McDonald Performs With Oak Ridge Boys For President George H.W. Bush

Nashville, TN (July 1,2013) Earlier this year multi-talented Bass singer Gene McDonald had the privilege of singing Bass with the sensational award winning Oak Ridge Boys. With Bass singer Richard Sturbin out of commission with a foot surgery the Oaks called upon Gene McDonald to sing the Bass notes for them.
Gene said “Singing with the Oaks is always special, but this time we sang for the 88 year old President George H.W. Bush and his lovely wife Barbara at their home in Houston, TX.”
It would seem that the former President's favorite song of the Oaks is “Elvira” and Gene can cover those low bass notes with ease. It would seem that every time President Bush hears those sweet harmonies mixed with the tune of “Elvira” his spirits are lifted.
Now that the excitement of singing for the Bush's is over, Gene is back to singing on the stage as the featured Bass singer at all of the Gaither Homecoming Concerts.
Below is a video of the Oak Ridge Boys and Gene singing:

You can learn more about Gene McDonald by going to or
About Gene McDonald
Gene McDonald started his career with his family group singing tenor. He then sang tenor with Jack Campbell and the Ambassadors through his school years. “One day I woke up and my voice was a couple of octaves lower and I was a bass singer.” commented Gene about his low vocal abilities.
While at Arkansas State University, he studied under one of the leading choral directors in the nation, Al Skoog. He later went to Ben Speer School of Music.
In 1989, Gene began singing with the Plainsmen Quartet and toured with them until 1992. He later went on to sing and record hits with the Florida Boys, touring from 1998 to 2007. Gaither Productions invited Gene to join the Homecoming Family for his first taping in 1994. He currently still travels with the Homecoming Friends across the globe.
Gene has a great gift and one of the richest voices ever heard. Noted by Bill Gaither as the Dean of all Bass’, Gene is held at high esteem for being the best in the circuit. However, he is MORE than just the best Bass singer. He does have the most prominent Bass voice, but he is by far, one of the “best singers” to ever grace the stage. God has given this man a great gift, a great talent.

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