Tuesday, March 19, 2013

A book on Humility, by a lawyer? Really?

Youth Minister Turned Cop Turned Attorney
Turns On Wit and Insight For New Book on Humility

HOUSTON – March 19, 2013 – How does an old guy headed to the sports bar on his rider mower heighten the shock value of Jesus’ entry into Jerusalem? It’s worth finding out in Get Low— Reflections on Pride and Humility, a new book from Jack Wisdom—attorney, Young Life leader and a former policeman whose footnotes, besides the Bible, reference notables such as Kris Kristofferson, Augustine, country music, The Boss and Sigmund Freud.


“The humility of Jesus is no superfluous detail,” Wisdom writes in Get Low, speaking of God’s voluntary “downward mobility.” “For those who want to follow him, humility is non-negotiable.”

How timely is the “H” word? Besides the breath blowing in with the new pontiff—temporarily replacing “sequestration” as the word of the moment—President Obama spoke on it in his speech at this year’s National Prayer Breakfast. Expect to see it less in news from sports, entertainment, business . . . oh, and law. Wit pierces every trenchant essay as Wisdom beats the reader to “What’s a lawyer know about humility?” Of the Bible’s chief paradox, that we must die to self to fully live, he writes: “We are a proud people called to imitate a humble king.”

Still a Young Life leader, still an attorney, Wisdom went from Trinity University in San Antonio to—on a dare—two years on the Dallas Police force. Then followed Gordon-Conwell seminary in Boston; seven years in Texas starting Young Life groups from scratch; and then a law degree. Now Wisdom, named one of the top attorneys in the U.S., is a name partner in a firm with offices across Texas—with a readable take on humility.

The unusual book, with its unlikely topic and wildly unlikely author, opens with a chapter on Pride and ends with one on Victory. Neither fits supposed definitions in what Wisdom frequently terms “the bogus world system.”

“There is no easy path from pride to humility,” Wisdom writes. ”But the struggle is necessary and not at all futile because God is working in and among us. As we cooperate with the Spirit, as we grow in grace, God will do what only God can do—he will give us the power to get lower and lower, he will use us as agents of his kingdom, and ultimately, when the time comes, he will lift us up.”

Get Low e-book is available now. Hardback in stores and online beginning April 13.

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