Tuesday, March 12, 2013

'Crossroad' DVD March 12--Revenge, Forgiveness and God at Work



"...tense, involving, ultimately touching tale of redemption and forgiveness." Los Angeles Times

WHAT: CROSSROAD weaves a story of ordinary, seemingly unrelated people who witness the intimate power of God in a hostage situation with lives hanging in the balance. Award-winning Director Shervin Youssefian takes audiences to the CROSSROAD, a gripping film that debuts on DVD March 12, 2013.

WHO: Spot On Media’s CROSSROAD marks the feature film debut for award-winning director Shervin Youssefian. From executive producers Youssefian, David Dginguerian, Danny Simonzad and Amy Weber, CROSSROAD features Philip Bulcock (28 WEEKS LATER, RED TAILS), Kim Estes (The Closer, House) and Weber (Port Charles, CSI).

WHEN: DVD launches March 12, 2013

SYNOPSIS: Fueled by revenge, Michael (Philip Bullock) sets up a meeting at an out-of-the-way diner with the man who murdered his wife and child six years earlier. But his plans of killing him come to a sudden standstill when two gunmen burst in to rob the place. Michael takes matters into his own hands, shooting a robber and holding the entire diner hostage until the man he really wants to target arrives. In the midst of all these events, Michael finds an unlikely ally in Don (Kim Estes), a devout Christian who believes God is going to help him in his endeavor. While Michael battles with his faith, the hostages begin to find extraordinary connections between them. CROSSROAD is an emotional and inspiring story of redemption, forgiveness and the ultimate realization of God's grace at work in every life.

The “Christian CRASH”: Imagine a faith film with all the loose ends not tied up. CROSSROAD marks the advent of a different kind of Christian movie. A Christian ensemble drama where lives intersect around a tragedy like the Oscar-winning CRASH. It’s a clear presentation of the Gospel and an unapologetic weaving of spiritual mystery in everyday life. And at the same time, it’s a thriller. Shots fired. People hurt (and not always the ones you expect). First-time feature film director and the film’s writer Shervin Youssefian takes viewers on a zig-zagging journey through one man’s tragic loss, the quest for revenge and a realization that nothing is ever just as it seems. Talk to Shervin Youssefian about blazing a new trail in faith cinema.

A Fresh Face in Faith Films: CROSSROAD Executive Producer and featured actress Amy Weber is one of the new breed of women filmmakers in the faith genre. Talk to Amy Weber and find an active entertainment entrepreneur with her own production company, an actress with a growing string of credits, a wife, a mom and a dynamic example of women behind the camera in faith films.

Hot Topic—Revenge in News and Culture: Revenge is a hot topic. In Chicago, as the rising murder rate grabs headlines, many are tagged as gang-related revenge killings. Workplace violence is most commonly attributed to the perpetrator seeking revenge. Even in popular culture, it’s front and center with the popularity of the ABC TV series Revenge and Red Widow. CROSSROAD offers a faith-based take on revenge and how faith in Christ can break its power.

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