Tuesday, March 12, 2013

The Bible is no game. No, wait. Yes, it is!


Blockbust Miniseries Inspires 'Light the Way: The Bible' Facebook Game; Play on iPads and iPhone to Follow



MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. – March 12, 2013 – Lightside Games—the leader in biblically inspired gaming—launches Light the Way: The Bible, a Hidden Object game based on the record-setting History Channel miniseries The Bible, which is currently airing.

In Light the Way: The Bible players search for hidden objects, solve puzzles and find differences in side-by-side scene comparisons. And they can keep score and share their progress. The game features illustrations of biblical stories with images and music from The Bible series. Light the Way: The Bible is Lightside Games’ third biblical game on Facebook and will launch soon as the first biblical game built for the iPads and iPhone platform.

“Lightside Games clearly shares our passion for telling the timeless stories of the Bible in new, engaging yet accurate ways,” said Mark Burnett, producer of The Bible series as well as Survivor, The Apprentice and The Voice. “Lightside Games is the perfect partner to create a family-friendly tablet game based on our series The Bible.”

The series debuted to 27 million viewers on March 3, topping all shows for the night—cable and broadcast. It was the highest-rated show ever on History and the highest-rated cable show so far in 2013.

See Images From Light the Way—The Bible

“Light the Way: The Bible weaves actual scenes from The Bible series into a high-quality, biblically inspired experience that adults and children will love to play,” said Brent Dusing, Lightside Games founder and CEO. “Light the Way: The Bible is an entertaining, enjoyable game. Players can explore scenes from the scriptures, solving challenges and having a great time doing it.”

Lightside is known for the biblical Facebook games Journey of Moses and Journey of Jesus: The Calling, which have attracted close to five million players. Now, in Light the Way: The Bible, players enter the world of the Bible through screen shots from The Bible miniseries that bring scriptural stories to life. Players search for hidden objects, solve puzzles and find differences in comparable scenes. Solving the challenges of one scene unlocks the opportunity to advance through the entire story. Players keep score as they progress and share their achievements with Facebook friends.

“We hope The Bible series excites people to open their Bibles and reconnect with the wonderful stories and timeless truths inside,” Downey said. “Light the Way: The Bible is the perfect way for teachers, parents and children to have fun while exploring the scriptures and engaging with The Bible series.”

More than 250 million people worldwide play social games on Facebook and 175 million play on mobile devices. Light the Way: The Bible offers Christians and non-Christians, adults and children an alternative that features great fun, enjoyable challenge, biblical inspiration and a new way to connect the world’s best-selling book—the Bible.

To access the games on Facebook visit apps.facebook.com/lightthewaygame to begin play.

To learn more visit: apps.facebook.com/lightthewaygame




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