Tuesday, September 11, 2012


Life-Affirming Story That Drew Film Critics’ Praise
Expanded in Book Form

WHAT: October Baby is the novelization of the faith-focused indie film that grabbed headlines and surprised industry pros in February when it opened at No. 8 in the nation against THE HUNGER GAMES, among others. Earning more than $5.3 million at the box office—a big mark for a small film—OCTOBER BABY appeared on page A-1 of the New York Times and on CNN’s “15 Most Impressive Box Office Performances for 2012.”

WHO: From New York Times best-selling author Eric Wilson (Fireproof and Facing the Giants novelizations) and the film’s co-writer Theresa Preston

WHEN: Available now. Publishing date Sept. 1, 2012.

WHY: October Baby tackles a hot-button subject with sensitivity, drama, romance and humor. Exploring the value of every life, the novel takes readers more deeply into characters’ lives and backstories.

SYNOPSIS: On the verge of a breakout performance that could catapult her acting career, college freshman Hannah collapses onstage. In the aftermath, she learns not only that she is adopted—a fact her parents never shared—but that her physical ailments are from her surviving an attempted abortion as an infant.

Devastated and compelled to know more, Hannah embarks on a Spring Break road trip with her oldest friend, Jason, and a mismatched set of friends and “frenemies.” Winding her way toward Mobile, Ala., the home of her birth mother, Hannah finally confronts her past . . . and almost derails her future.

Along the way, this young woman learns the value of every single life and the power of forgiveness.

Surprise debut for two exciting young creators—With October Baby the novel’s launch, first-time feature film directors and brothers Jon and Andy Erwin continue their storybook success. The brothers, well known as award-winning music video directors, made a splash with their first film debut, drawing praise and controversy. Jon Erwin co-wrote the screenplay with October Baby novel co-writer Theresa Preston.
Veteran and first-timer team up—Eric Wilson is no stranger to successful film novelizations. He hit the New York Times best-seller list with his adaptation of the No. 1 indie film of 2008, FIREPROOF. Theresa Preston was a bit of a stranger to professional writing. After her husband joined the Erwin brothers’ production company, she developed a passion for storytelling, co-wrote her first script with Jon Erwin, saw it become a surprise hit and now co-writes the novelization of October Baby.
PUBLISHER: B&H Publishing Group

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