Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Clancy' DVD Debuts Oct. 2--A Child's Faith Changes Lives

From Veteran Filmmaker Jefferson Moore

DALLAS – Sept. 24, 2012 – From veteran filmmaker Jefferson Moore comes CLANCY, an inspiring story of a child’s faith changing lives in the midst of harsh, unchanging circumstances.

“CLANCY shows the impact faith can have as it cuts across all our differences,” said Moore, who wrote, directed and stars in the film. “Clancy is a little girl whose grandmother pours love and faith into her. Despite terrible circumstances—an abusive, addicted mother—that faith not only stays alive in Clancy, it helps bring a spiritually dead, homeless war veteran back to life.”

The title character of CLANCY (Christina Dawn Fougnie—1 MESSAGE, THE PERFECT GIFT) is a little girl with a big heart. Just 11 years old, she must take to the streets, dodging social workers and hoping to return to her mother once her home life improves. She latches on to Nick, a homeless war veteran who wants little to do with life—much less a runaway who won’t leave him alone. When Nick is forced to skip town, a corrupt official’s plan escalates to a manhunt—placing Nick and Clancy in life-threatening danger. As they form an unlikely bond in the face of adversity, Clancy’s relentless faith affects Nick in ways he never expected—and ultimately becomes his saving grace.

Produced by Kelly’s Filmworks, CLANCY is distributed by EchoLight Distribution. It can be pre-ordered now with deliveries and immediate sales starting Oct. 2. CLANCY is available through such leading online and retail providers as, LifeWay Christian Stores and Family Christian Stores, among many others.

"Jefferson Moore’s films often portray the gritty realism of truly challenging circumstances and show how faith can take us through even the darkest times,” EchoLight Chief Global Strategist Christopher Morrow said. “EchoLight is proud to bring his work to new audiences.”

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