Thursday, September 20, 2012

STS Missions Launches offering Support to Music Evangelists & Music Missionaries

Newly launched, STS Missions is a supportive organization with a focus on empowering Gospel music ministries in a whole new way. The organization is an umbrella ministry mission board that builds and bonds ministries through close relationships and networking. Its primary purpose is to train missionary music evangelists (which includes Southern Gospel, Bluegrass Gospel groups, soloists, and duets) to present and pitch STS ministry products so that the funds raised will pre-pay for production recording services and other services provided by STS Missions.

STS Missions issued the following statement: "It is the goal of this organization to help singing ministries in the studio, to empower them to sale more products, to support them in their appointment setting efforts, and to help them gain more financial support. We have a system in place that will do just that for the right singing ministries."

Furthermore, STS Mission offers administrative support and networking support in many areas of the ministry. In addition, deputation training is provided for ministries that qualify. A portion of the proceeds from the music evangelists' efforts supports foreign missionaries as well. All who have been called to the mission field in the Gospel music genre qualify to submit material for potential inclusion in this new and exciting format for reaching masses within the mission field.

For more information on STS Missions and how your ministry can enroll into this unique organization send an email to and give a description of your music ministry.

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