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Retro SGM Radio: Reality Check - The Day Of Little Things

The Day of Little Things

Do you ever have one of those days? You feel like you are spinning your wheels. Nothing you do is amounting to anything and no matter how much effort you put into what you are doing, you see no results at all. I was thinking about this the other day while relaxing on vacation. Yes, I was thinking while on vacation and that can be dangerous as there is nothing to stop my mind from going on all kinds of tangents.

I was taking stock of my activities and the way I spend my time and I began to wonder if some of the things I pour myself into are really worth the effort. It began to feel as though my spare time was filled with little things which were not bringing visible results. If the Lord was in these activities that I felt I was doing for Him, why weren’t they bearing any fruit?

During this time of reflection I happened to be reading through the Minor Prophets in the Bible, those little books to the right of the Psalms that I usually overlook. It seemed as though the remnant of Israel were going through the same frustrating thoughts. They had been working away at rebuilding their temple that had been destroyed and saw little results for their effort. The prophet Zechariah speaks up to remind them that the Lord has not forgotten them and they will eventually see the fruits of their labour.

The Lord speaks through this prophet to show the Israelites that what they see in their own eyes is not the future that He sees for them. Though the day seems full of “small things”, they are encouraged not to despise their tasks or become discouraged but instead begin to see it with His eyes.

When the Lord has given us work for our hands to do, He can see the results of those tasks long before we do. Sometimes He allows us a vision of what can happen when we fully trust Him to make something worthwhile of our efforts. Even when He doesn’t, we need to be reminded that He does remember us and has a purpose for everything we do.

As I put the work of my hands back into the Lord’s care daily, I am comforted with the knowledge that He will bring something good out of the work I do for Him. What appears to be a day of small things may actually result in big things for His Kingdom. This knowledge makes each task and each day worthwhile.

Reality Check for August 2008 By Lorraine Walker
Published in SGM Radio

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