Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Chapel Valley Unveils "Mercy Road"

Chapel Valley is excited to announce the unveiling of their new record label "Mercy Road". This label was created to accommodate the company’s Commercial Country Gospel artists. Owner and Producer, Shane Roark has known that Chapel Valley has needed to expand into this for quite awhile. "With many of our artists already recording and being very successful with Commercial Country Gospel, we knew that it was time to open "Mercy Road".

Chapel Valley is also looking to develop artists that are looking for that Commercial Gospel sound.

Several artists have already joined the Mercy Road label. In fact, in the last year Chapel Valley has seen a major growth in their client roster. Even with this growth, they pride themselves in quality and personal attention to each artist. "Our artists are not just clients but more like family. We make sure that each artist gets personal attention and care. That is the least we should do!” states co-owner and Business Manager, Travis Roark.

Marketing and Artist Director, Richard Hyssong says that he is looking forward to working with these new "Mercy Road" artists. He will be presenting them to radio, television, magazines, and major events around the country.

Be Watching for Chapel Valley's Mercy Road artists, compilation discs and recordings!

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