Tuesday, May 4, 2010


The Dove Brothers announced that they are adding a live band to concert appearances. The three piece ensemble consists of Adam Harman on piano, Marc Peele on the bass, and Eric Dove's son Devin.. on drums. McCray states, "I remember going to concerts when I was a kid. Southern Gospel music had some of the most talented musicians in any style of music. When we got there and they seated you, we could see all the instruments. The piano, guitars, steel guitar, drums etc., the microphones all in place and you could feel the excitement in the air and all throughout the building. We just don't feel that anymore it seems. I believe it is because we got away from LIVE music."

McCray also says he believes that if we want to see more young people get involved in Southern Gospel,.. then we should: "Let them play! Give them an opportunity to be a part of our music with the talents that God has given them."

visit: www.dovebrothersquartet.com

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